Official Race Dates 2023-2024


Round 1 Saturday 27/01/24

Round 2 Saturday 10/02/24

Round 3 Saturday 24/02/24

Round 4 Saturday 09/03/24

Round 5 Saturday 06/04/24

Round 6 Finals Saturday 20/04/24

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Saturday 20/04/24

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Round 6 - Finals Fling

Rhiannon Russell

 Amber Steel

 Geoff Steel

 Brock Thomas

 Renee Powell

 Dallas Ferris 

 Nate Eccles

 Serrah Ferris

 Isaac Leith

 Duncan Bailey


 Jason Furnell

 Tylah Kani

 Stuart Latham

 Jemma Swarts

 Marty Swarts

 Liam Kersting

 Kenny Russell

 Mick Bayliss

 Class    #    Team

 Mark Bickley

 Dylan Schmidt

 Jayden Myers

 Hamana Toki

 Brian Jackson

 Claire Martin

 Kurt Martin

 Jodie Atkinson 

 Andy Atkinson



The Scoop, From The Cauldron!

It’s finals time! Welcome race fans to the last round of the 2024 West Coast Jet Sprint Club’s championship season!

Get ready for some epic racing tonight! As all teams will be giving their best & leaving nothing behind, chasing those championship points to secure their placings for this season. Points are tight between a few of the teams especially in the LS class, so it will be interesting to see the results after the end of tonight’s racing. (The championship points table can be viewed under the “results” tab.)

We’re so excited to see two teams returning to the track today, for the first time this season! Both competing in the LS Class. The first, has been working very hard on getting their new boat ready to race – it may come down to the wire, but hopefully they make it – it’s team Skidoo, with club president Jason Furnell behind the wheel! The second, is a veteran driver of the club, and a fan-favorite team – it’s Geoff Steele in Subject to Finance!

For Round 5, we had the “Under Pressure” track rotation and a lot of drivers (or perhaps the navi’s!) really did seem to be feeling the pressure – to get the track rotation right!! There were a lot of “wrong ways” happening throughout the day, but by the end of the night most teams had it sorted.

The LS Class again provided some exciting racing. Fired Up, Kraken and Farmboat went into the top 3 elimination with some pretty close times. Unfortunately for Duncan Bailey in The Farmboat the steering broke at the start of his run and he was just a passenger from that point, as the boat went straight through the chicane, up onto the bank with a roll and a spin, landing him and navi Mark Bickley in 3rd place. Brian Jackson and Emma Mason in The Kraken, put down an impressive lap for 2nd place, but it was again Jayden Myers and Dylan Schmidt in Fired Up that took 1st place, with the fastest overall time of the day. Can Fired Up finish with another win tonight, to make it 6 out of 6 for the season? We shall have to wait and see!  

In the Group A class, Isaac Leith and Liam Kersting in Indulgence took the win. Serrah and Dallas in Up 2 Mischief had an issue which finished their night before the eliminations, but Dallas had qualified for 2nd place points.  

In the Unlimited Class, we saw some close racing between Adam Mileham in Short Fuse, and Stuart Latham in Kaos. Both teams put down fantastic elimination times, but it was Adam and navigator Mel Kennington that got the win.

Good luck to all teams today! A big thank you to all our volunteers, safety crew, sponsors, vendors and to you – our wonderful supporters! We hope you enjoy a great night of racing!

Round 5 Results


1st – Jayden Myers and Dylan Schmidt in Fired Up, 54.39

2nd – Brian Jackson and Emma Mason in The Kraken, 56.47

3rd – Duncan Bailey and Mark Bickley in The Farmboat, 60.93


1st – Issac Leith and Liam Kersting in Indulgence, 69.34

2ndDallas Ferris and Renae Powell in Up 2 Mischief, (Countback 94.32)


1st – Adam Mileham and Mel Kennington in Short Fuse, 55.72

2nd – Stuart Latham and Tylah Kani in Kaos, 57.43

HUGE thanks to the following sponsors for their support this season:
Tams Group

Grant’s Car Stereo

Front Row Screens

RMS Electrical

Hudson’s Car Carriers

Instant Toilets and Showers

Wave Radio 91.7FM

LimeX Sign and Print

Treen Technology

Tracc Civil


EXP Resources

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KCR Mobile Welding & Fabrication

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