Indemnification - Motor Sport is Dangerous

Spectators and competitors are reminded that motor sport is dangerous and accidents can happen.

All care is taken by the WCJSC to protect the public but spectators and competitors are warned there is a possibility of an accident causing injury, death or property damage.

By the purchasing of a ticket or presenting a pass or free entry voucher to the venue, spectators and competitors acknowledge that entry to the WCJSC racing circuit has a degree of danger and that the promoter, clubs, corporations organisations and persons having any connection with promoting, organisations, boat owners, drivers or crew or conduct of the event shall have no liability to the spectator.

Spectators are reminded that certain areas of the track are out of bounds and for your safety you should respect the request to keep out of these areas. These areas include the ground inside the tyre wall and the area surrounding the spinout pool.

Adults and particularly children are requested to keep clear of the tyre barrier around the track as this area can be dangerous in the event of a boat coming out of the circuit.

At all times spectators are requested not to enter the actual race track area. This is especially important in the event of a crash or the boat exiting the water. Our safety crew and medical officers are trained to deal with crash incidents and should be given clear space to attend to these incidents.

Spectators are most welcome in the pit area during the interval time but please refrain from entering the pit area during race time. The pit area is restricted to race and pit crews during race periods, this request is for your safety. During race periods vehicle are moving around in the pit area and crew will be concentrating on launching boats and dealing with highly flammable fuels and may not see spectators who should not be there.


Official Race Dates 2023-2024


Round 1 Saturday 27/01/24

Round 2 Saturday 10/02/24

Round 3 Saturday 24/02/24

Round 4 Saturday 09/03/24

Round 5 Saturday 06/04/24

Round 6 Finals Saturday 20/04/24

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