Official Race Dates 2023-2024


Round 1 Saturday 27/01/24

Round 2 Saturday 10/02/24

Round 3 Saturday 24/02/24

Round 4 Saturday 09/03/24

Round 5 Saturday 06/04/24

Round 6 Finals Saturday 20/04/24

Race Calendar

How to Book a Ride in a Jet Sprint Boat!

Fans and spectators of our extreme and exhilarating water sport are able to book a Ride for themselves or as a gift for somebody else. Many companies and local businesses often do this for employees as a reward. The recipient can also take the whole family to watch the even and enjoy a great family afternoon & evening out. It’s something unique, different as well as fantastic fun for everyone!

Check out some testimonials from those who have had Rides in the past. This particular article written by Chris Kent, about the actual “Ride Experience” is not only a great article, but very entertaining too!

Booking The Ride of your life in a Jet Sprint Boat, is a great idea as a birthday or special occasion gift.

Go on surprise someone special for an achievement or simply doing a great Job!

By booking a ride in a Jet Sprint boat, you are supporting the Club by casual sponsorship.


License for The Ride of Your Life & casual sponsorship $200.00

Remember to read about the thrilling experience! What happens when you have the ride of your life


Book here for one of the best experiences of a lifetime! Something thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable!

Ideally to fit into most race boats you will need to be under 100 kgs and less than 180 cms (5'11') tall. If you are above 100kg or taller than 180 cms please call the number below prior to booking to confim a seat is available for you.

In the case of Medical conditions such as epilepsy, cardiac issues - a medical certificate of clearance shall be required...

E-mail: Book A Ride

Please complete and submit the form below:

After reading the Terms & Conditions fill in the form below and then go on to select your membership option and pay securely online.

  • The minimum age for any person riding in a Jet Sprint Boat is 14 years. (Proof of age may be requested at the event prior to your ride). On the day of your ride you must present yourself to Rachael in the pits area of the WCSJC (Lot 101 St Albans Road Baldivis) no later than 3:00pm on the designated event day so ride times can be scheduled in advance of the meeting start.
  • All passengers should wear suitable clothing, closed shoes, jeans or similar and long sleeve top/shirt. It is most unlikely you will get wet during the ride, however to ensure you protection the club will provide you with suitable safety overalls, helmet and other safety equipment for you to wear during the ride.
  • Passengers must NOT consume any alcohol prior to the ride and it is recommended that no food be consumed within 2 hours prior to the scheduled ride. Alcohol must not be carried into the pit area and consumption of alcohol or the taking of illicit substances prior to the ride will result in cancellation of the ride without refund. The club at its discretion, reserves the right to request prospective riders to agree to a breathalyser or other such control tests in the event that consumption of prohibited substances is suspected. Failure of the test or refusal to participate will result in cancellation of the ride without refund. Smoking in or near the pit area is not permitted.
  • The “G” Forces within the boat during the ride are intense and it could be difficult to retain grip on any item you may be carrying, so for passenger and driver safety you will not be permitted to carry mobile phones, cameras, radios or any other devices that is deemed to be a possible projectile during the ride. These requirements are designed to enhance your enjoyment and your safety during the ride so please do not ask for exemptions to this condition.
  • If you are applying for a ride as a gift, then it is also a requirement that the recipient agrees to abide by the conditions you have signed for on their behalf.
  • By signing the Ride of Your Life form you and the recipient of the ride hereby accept the terms and conditions of this license and the rules of the West Coast Jet Sprint Club.

Information and Terms for the granting of License Certificate for the Ride of Your Life

Booking form for the Ride of Your Life