Official Race Dates 2023-2024


Round 1 Saturday 27/01/24

Round 2 Saturday 10/02/24

Round 3 Saturday 24/02/24

Round 4 Saturday 09/03/24

Round 5 Saturday 06/04/24

Round 6 Finals Saturday 20/04/24

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Saturday 6/04/24

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Round 5 - Under Pressure

Arianna Shooter


Dallas Ferris

Nate Eccles

Serrah Ferris

 Isaac Leith

 Duncan Bailey


 Jason Furnell

 Tylah Kani

 Stuart Latham


 Adam Mileham

 Jemma Swarts

 Marty Swarts

 Liam Kersting

 James Bickley

 Kenny Russell

 Mick Bayliss

 Class    #    Team

 Mark Bickley

 Dylan Schmidt

 Jayden Myers

 Serrah Ferris

 Brian Jackson

 Claire Martin

 Kurt Martin

 Jodie Atkinson 

 Andy Atkinson



The Scoop, From The Cauldron!

Welcome Jet Sprint fans to Round 5 of the 2024 championship season!

Round 4 saw plenty of action, with the “Fast and Furious” track rotation providing both thrills and spills. The safety crew were certainly kept busy and we are very thankful for their assistance in the two big off’s we saw. Kurt and Claire Martin in Deadpool joined the rollover club with their crash in the qualifiers, which ended their day. Then Brian Jackson and navigator Brian Camplin out-did their efforts, leaving the track in spectacular fashion in the first elimination. Thankfully all drivers and navigators were ok, with no major injuries.

With the ambulance being tied up and due to time constraints, the decision was made to end the night’s racing there, so the results were determined by the fastest qualifying times. 

With the longer than usual break between rounds, both Deadpool and Kraken have been repaired and will be back on the water today.

Well done to Serrah Ferris on her debut drive in the Group A class, in her new boat Up 2 Mischief, tonight they will have an A and B team with Serrah’s Dad, Dallas, jumping in as B driver.

Good luck to all teams! Thank you to all volunteers, safety crew, sponsors and to you – our supporters!

Be sure to join us for the final round of the season in two weeks’ time - Saturday the 20th of April.

Round 4 Results


1st – Jayden Myers and Dylan Schmidt in Fired Up, 54.584

2nd – Duncan Bailey and Mark Bickley in The Farmboat, 58.007

3rd – Mick Bayliss and Nate Eccles in Stress Factor, 73.440


1st – Issac Leith and Liam Kersting in Indulgence, 63.340

2nd – Martin Swarts and Jemma Swarts in All Torque, 67.233


1st – Adam Mileham and Jayne Mileham in Short Fuse, 56.091