0-100 kph in 1.9 seconds!
Boats pull 8G's in turns!
V8 Supercars of the water, V8 Superboats
690 HP with NO BRAKES
These boats need roll cages
Boats that fly
Hear the serenity of V8's on the water

Official Race Dates 2018-2019

***CANCELLED*** Round 1 Saturday 24th November Baldivis

Round 2 Saturday 8th December Baldivis.

Round 3 Saturday 5th January Baldivis.

Round 4 SUNDAY 27th January Baldivis.

Round 5 Saturday 9th February  Baldivis.

Round 6 Saturday 23rd February Baldivis.

***REBOOKED*** Round 7 Saturday 16th March Baldivis.

Round 8 Saturday 30th March Baldivis.

Season Finals.

Round 9 Saturday 13th April Baldivis 

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West Coast Jet Sprint 

Jet Sprinting is the wildest motor sport action that happens on water, and sometimes even on land.

Baldivis Jet Sprint Park is a World Class Venue having hosted many International events including the World Series.

This dynamic sport began in New Zealand and has quickly spread throughout Australia and America. 

Jet Sprint boat racing is very similar to rally car racing, except that it takes place on water. 

Each boat carries a crew of two, a driver and a navigator. A typical race involves memorising a sequence of up to 22 directional changes on a course made up of narrow channels and islands.  

The driver task is to correctly complete the course in the fastest possible time, the navigator assist the driver with directions by means of hand signals. The teams compete against the clock and a sophisticated timing system records each boats time to 100th of a second. The winner is the team to complete the course in the correct rotation in quickest time.

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 Gates open 2:00pm
Racing starts 3:00pm

        Concludes at 9:00pm

  • The Baldivis Jet Sprint track is a NO GLASS VENUE
  • Entry Fees $20.00 Adults, Students 13-17yrs $10 Children 12 Years of age & under $2.
  • Food Van on site
  • Card facilities available for entry.
  • Enquiries Tel: 0455 552 258/0458 211 222

Location: Baldivis Jet Sprint Park

Inside Bonneys Water Ski Park

St Albans Road Baldivis, WA.

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