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Official Race Dates 2020-2021


Round 1 Saturday 14th November

Round 2 Saturday 5th December 

Round 3 Saturday 19th December 

Round 4 Saturday 9th January 

Round 5 Saturday 23rd January

Round 6-10 To be Confirmed

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The following items are for sale either directly through WCJSC Club Members or Associated Jetsprint Clubs within Australia and NZ. The West Coast Jet Sprint Club takes no responsibility for the merchant ability or pricing of the products on offer. Buyers should seek the approval of conformity to WCJSC (Inc) Rules & Standards prior to purchase. 

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Mackraft alloy hull,  Chrome Olly Roll Cage,  Scott 8 1/2 Jet unit,  Good Quality Seats and Gauges,  Galvanised single axle trailer with Disc Brakes.

This boat is a Gem to drive and has Won 2 Australian Titles and placed 6th in the World Series.

$ 24,000

Ready for an LS Engine or can supply a 680hp, Group A Engine for another $ 24,000

Engine specs - Built by JRE Race Engines:

Dart Block and Heads, APD Carby, Victor Junior Intake,  Jessel Rockers,  JE Pistons,  Callies Rods and Crankshaft, Custom Roller Cam and Lifters,  PSI Springs,  ASR Race Sump,  Vacuum Pump,  Standard Bore.

Contact Brett Thornton - 0488 588 907