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Official Race Dates 2019-2020


Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

Round 7 Saturday 14th March

Round 8 Saturday 4th April
Round 9 Saturday 18th April 
Round 10 Saturday 2nd May

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The Nut Behind the Wheel

The Loose Nut Behind the Wheel 5/11/16

- Monday, November 07, 2016

The Loose Nut Behind the Wheel

Welcome Jet Sprint fans to Round 2 of the West Coast Jet Sprint Clubs 2016-17 Championship season.

This season is already shaping up to be one of growth for the club with 6 new boats campaigning this year. We have outgrown our pit area are in the process of expanding the area at the end of the pit pool to accommodate more teams. Although it will be business as usual for this round as a few teams will be absent by Round 3 we will be implementing a “Dummy Grid” system. Being one of the few tracks in the world that have a pit pool long enough to accommodate all our boats has been a great advantage over the last 20 years. Now with more boats than pit room we will be setting up teams on the flat area at the far end of the pit area and they will then rotate though the last 3 ramps in the pits. The confusion should be entertaining!

As you may have noticed, the new terraced area in front of the kitchen is designed to encourage spectators to park their cars outside and walk in with their picnic blankets or folding chairs. While we love the fact that you can still sit near your car and watch the action we have been struggling for room to fit our expanding supporter base in.

We are also in the process of building a new commentary and timing box that will sit across the start line just a few meters back from the existing start gate. This will be up a running hopefully by mid season and will house our completely upgraded sound system that will totally transform our event.

Unfortunately the persistent October rain left us with little time to finish these projects as well as rebuild the track so they will all be a work in progress as the season continues.

New boats and new teams… Those on the West Coast Jet Sprint Clubs Facebook page would be familiar with a few of these newcomers… Shane Francis and Bella Vann in Aussie Apocalypse will be handing out some pain in Group A. Shane and Bella debuted at Round 1 in Newman last August, showed a little bit of promise before a roll over saw them out in the 3rd qualifier. Shane has an extensive motorsport background and will be one to watch over the next few seasons.

Jayne Mileham and Mandy Crofts will doing it for the girls in Miss Behavin in 350 class. Jaynes’ husband Adam wasn’t keen on sharing his Ford powered Group A monster so he set her up in her own boat. Jayne also debuted in Newman and drove beautifully all day to bring home 4th place.

Shay Francis (no relation to Shane) and Ash Jackson in Ultimatum will give LS class a shake-up. This will be Shays track debut. Ultimatum boasts some serious pedigree having won a World Series in NZ as “In the Raw”, a Group A championship with Chris Farr and a 350 Championship with Paul Mileham. No pressure Shay!

Seane and Debra Stone will be campaigning Indulgence in 350 Class. Although Seane and Deb bought this boat in Queensland. It was originally a Baldivis regular by the name of “True Blue”. Jason Bargwanna fans might remember him coming unstuck in the speed bowl during the 98 World series in this boat… Seane also has history in many other forms of motorsport and could be the dark horse in 350 class this season.

Joe Wilson has had a break from racing for a few years after Razorback was sold… He has returned and bought with him what could be the most exciting machine to shake up Superboat class. Those familiar with Aussie World Champ Phonsy Mullan will know that Ramjet was a quick boat. Can Joey tame the 500ci Methanol sucking monster around the Baldivis track? Time will tell.  

Brett Niall and Alex Lynn will A team “Know Your Enemy” with Clint Harvey as B team. This Group A boat is a work of art and is seriously fast! Both Brett and Clint have extensive car racing experience and no one is more excited to see what these guys can do with this boat than me! Driving a boat at this pace will take some getting used to but my prediction is podiums by round 4. If you get a chance get down to the pits a check this boat out before it gets dirty!

Welcome to the club guys and safe racing!

Round 1 was held at the Newman Jet Sprint Club last August. A fantastic event and a tight little track about half the size of Baldivis with very little room for error which keeps everyone on their toes. Then afterwards we solve all the world’s problems over a beer around the campfire. If only we could remember those solutions.

Newman Round 1 results as follows…

350 Class

1st Geoff Steele and Brodie Parker in Subject to Finance

2nd Shane Allen and Nat Drunk in Predator

3rd Coreen Steele and Gavin in Subject to Finance


Turbo Class

1st Thomas Anderson and Millar Johnson in Razorback


LS Class

1st Rachael Swarts and Tanya Uren in All Torque


Group A

1st Adam Mileham and Tom in Short Fuse

2nd Rod Wood and Arihana Palatchie in Triple X Paranoid

3rd Shane Francis and Bella Vann in Aussie Apocalypse



1st Nigel & Michele Johnson in Weapon of Choice

2nd Simon Cain & Ebony Jade in Quality Time


A massive thankyou to all that helped get the track and surrounds up to race spec. Matty Neilson, Shane Francis, Shay Francis and Jason Meldrum for their earthmoving brilliance… Geoff Steele and the Steele Clan for their work on the fences and their jack of all trades abilities. Neil Mercer and Steve Buss for their mowing and whipper snipping dedication. Thanks to the Stones, Brian Jackson, Dan, Marty, Tanya, Peter and all those that helped during the busy bees.

We hope you all enjoy our little bit of crazy! We are always looking for volunteers, so if you want to be part of the action come down to the pits and make yourselves known.

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