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Official Race Dates 2019-2020


Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

Round 7 Saturday 14th March

Round 8 Saturday 4th April
Round 9 Saturday 18th April 
Round 10 Saturday 2nd May

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The Nut Behind the Wheel

Round 3 2014/2014

Info Jetsprint WA - Friday, February 27, 2015

The Loose Nut

15th November, 2014

Round 03


G'day jet sprint fans. Another sensational day greeted us for Round 03 of jet sprinting as we arrived at the track. We had the junior jet boats running from 10am to 12pm so the day had started earlier than usual for some. We arrived just in time to see Jason Anderson, the not so junior of 350 class Screeemer fame, failed to take the corner cleanly and park the junior jet on the tyres. He added his name to the list of more than capable drivers coming to grief in these little pocket rockets. Needless to say there were no significant crashes with the juniors behind the wheel. There was some very clean and tidy driving skills displayed by Drew Ehrenrich, Luke Morris and Jake Patterson. As 3pm approached and with a reasonable number of boats in the pits, Group A regular Rod Wood was missing. It seems he and his barefoot ski champion wife Mandy had better things to do in search of the great barefoot ski lakes of Australia. We did however see the return of turbo EFI Darrin Jones and his new navigator Craig Stokes in The Warlord with his new air induction system on display which showed some resemblance to an instrument usually found in the brass section of an orchestra :)

350 Class

Once more Karma's Paul Mileham and Nicci Mullins were left to their own devices but not without the obligatory smack talk with Ed Owen over the PA. With Ed's championship winning boat still on the east coast awaiting it's return, Paul was left to show Ed how we do it in WA!! Paul started the night off slowly with a steady increase on the pace whilst dealing with the tricky and winding track to finish the night with their best time of 57.09s.

EFI Class

Our combined Turbo Outlaw and LS class although not recognized in any other rule book apart from here in the west has had resounding growth since it's inception 4yrs ago. The LS format means the 5.7L, 6L and 6.2L LS engines would have to be a future world format for this sport with its efficiency in horsepower, reliability and overall low cost. Brian Uren and navigator fiancée Kay Johnston in the Wet Dreams machine struggled with the track direction, but in their defence it wasn't the most straightforward of track direction with ample twists and tight turns. They managed to come to terms with it by the end of the night with time improvements and finished off like all good wet dreams with a 69 second pass.

Thomas Anderson and navigator Dave Digney in the 3 time championship winning Turbo Outlaw, Razorback went out with guns blazing and managed to pull in a 67.43 second pass before a serious of wrong ways and a missed turn resulting in spinning out on the tyres in the eliminations and ending their night.

Darrin Jones and new navigator Craig Stokes in The Warlord had an extremely consistent night given it was the boats first night out since last season. Darrins times running in the mid 64's with a finishing time of 63.50. Great to see Darrin back along with his new crew. Hopefully we'll see him on a more regular basis now with a change in his work location.

Dan Patterson and Clint Reid in the War Machine have been working like the mad professors in the laboratory on this boat and the results are now starting to show. Even with the fine tuning and the finesse that only a 5" grinder in the pits can provide, Dan managed to pilot the War Machine around the track with a couple of runs in the 56's.

Simone Cain and Tanya Uren the B team of last years championship boat, Quality Time were once again consistant with their times in the high 69's finishing of their night in the eliminations with a time of 70.37.

Simon Cain and stand in navigator Simon Issueppi as A team in Quality Time had a clear run on the track.  He seemed to have rectified the engine issue that dogged him in the last race meet. They showed consistency throughout the night with 56's and 57's on the clock.

So after eliminations the top 3 remaining: Quality Time, War Machine and The Warlord were left to fight it out. The Warlord's Darrin Jones and Craig Stokes came out with a third place 63.5 whilst War Machines Dan Patterson and Quality Time's Simon Cain left it to a nail biter with their times of 57.10 for second placed War Machine, Dan Patterson and Clint Reid with a 57.01 for 1st placed Simon and Simon in Quality Time.

Group A

Negotiator's A team with driver Stuart Latham and navigator John Doherty started off the night fairly well pulling mid 60 second times with a run of 61.12s before an unknown mechanical issue saw them withdraw from competition early. This also meant that Negotiators B team of Cheryl Welch and Shauna Dean were out for the night after stamping times in the low 60's and a final run time of 61.31, on the time sheet.

Another A & B team from Momentum with A driver Dwayne Ehrenrich and navigator Geoff Steele making a steady start with a quickening of pace in each qualifier. His times were up there at the pointy end of the night but unfortunately his run ended with a DNF in the first elimination round.

Momentum's B team of Tracy Ehrenrich and Coreen Steele commenced the night with a mid 70's time and built upon that throughout the night. Persistence paid off to finish in the eliminations with a 69.73.

Short Fuse Adam Mileham and navigator Jayne Mileham still struggling with the setup of the Ford powered machine and it’s new jet. Their night commenced with 59’s and 58sec range time it looked like a podium finish was to be had before an unknown issue saw an early retirement after qualifier 5.

Mark Lucas and Kev Margetts in the tow truck that is “Wolverine” started fairly consistently given the track direction had turns that were not suited to the Wolverine hull. Times were in the 58’s and 59 second range were sure to see Mark up there at the pointy end of the night.

Nigel and Michele Johnson in Weapon of Choice were planning to use the night as their final shake down on the boat before heading east to run in the Australian Finals in Temora, NSW. The plan went astray with a faulty fuel regulator starving the engine of fuel on some of the sharper corners where power out is a must. Despite mechanics orders to put the Weapon to bed Nigel continued into the top 6 at a leisurely pace.

The top three found Tracy Ehrenrich in Momentum B Team for her first podium certainty, Mark Lucas in Wolverine and Nigel Johnson in Weapon of Choice. Tracy and Coreen left the best til last and produced a time of 66.89s to put the pressure on the boys. Nigel and Michele opted to take their run second not envisaging a top place finish and limped around the track with a 58.37s a far cry from the 52.51 earlier in the night. Mark and Kevin went out hard but buried the tow truck into a few corners which cost him valuable time thus finishing the night with a 59.01s giving an unlikely win to Nigel and Michele.

The night also saw one of the club’s greats receive an official Lifetime Membership. Congratulations and many thanks go out to Chris Kent for his years of input and effort into the West Coast Jet Sprint Club. He was one of the founding members of the club, he has become the public face synonymous with WA jet sprinting. Unfortunately not likely to return to the wheel of one of these power machines, it is great to see him remain involved with club as the Roving Mike and our go to advisor. Keep it up Chris!

As always thank you to the club supporters and to you the crowds for coming along to our race meets and getting behind us all. We are all very passionate about our sport and always keen to welcome newcomers in all capacities from new boat owners, drivers, navigators, safety crew, officials, timing crew, pit marshalls and media. If you are interested in getting involved please feel free to jump online to our website, send an email or phone call. We would love to have you!!!! Until the next race meet adios amigos! 

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