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Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

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Round 8 Saturday 4th April
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The Nut Behind the Wheel

Round 6 2014/2015

Info Jetsprint WA - Friday, February 27, 2015

The Loose Nut

Welcome to Round 6 of the WCJSC 2014-15 season. This Australia Day round is traditionally our biggest crowd turnout of the season but after the bumper crowd turnout for round 5, we might be in for a tight squeeze tonight.

As we head into the second half of the season there are a few game changing moves that could shift the balance over the remaining 5 rounds. Round 6 sees the return of Ed Owen in the 350 Class with the Firm Racing 111 boat. This boat has spent the last few years racing quite competitively on the East coast and now returns to give Paul Mileham some much needed competition. Along with the return of Geoff Steele in Subject to Finance, the 350 class comp has suddenly sprung into life.

Rod Wood has spent the first half of the season getting back into the saddle after his big crash last season. When Rod brought the Triple X machine from the East coast it came with two engines. Both boasting impressive dyno numbers but one, simply labelled “The Good Engine,” has sat in the workshop waiting for its time to shine. When eventually Rod had built up the courage to run the “Good Engine” he stated that in the lake testing it was 2 seconds faster than the other engine. Well the extra 2 seconds served only to propel the boat off the track and into the fence at a greater speed, nearly destroying the boat and driver in the process (the guy in the navigators seat walked away with minimal injuries). So the “Good Engine” was packed away and put under strict instructions from Rods’ wife Mandy, never to be used again. So after being beaten by around 2 seconds for the last 5 rounds, Rod has put his foot down, risking the wrath and demanded the return of the “Good Engine”. So keep your eyes peeled on the Triple X machine and keep your kids away from the fence.

Round 5 saw another perfect day for Jet sprinting. On paper a very simple track but in reality all of the technically difficult corners. What makes a corner difficult? A well set up Jet Sprint boat can make some impressive high speed turns, sometimes pulling up to 5 Gs though the corner, figures that a V8 Supercar could only dream about. When running from 4 into 9, you are coming up on that corner at approximately 120km/ph. You can’t slow down otherwise the boat won’t turn. You have to keep the power on and try to get around as smoothly as possible. If the jet sucks in air or the impellors cavitate due to the change in water flow, then the boat loses its drive, becomes unsettled and wants to either bog down or spit you out. So the thinking caps were on.

350 Class

Paul Mileham in Karma once again had the class to himself, so he mixed it up and blooded new navigator, 14 year old Luke Morris, son of Triple X navigator Kylie. Paul ran some impressive times with his fastest being 58.45. An ominous warning to Ed Owen that it he wasn’t going to bow down to the up and coming Firm Racing showdown.

EFI Class

The consistency of the Quality Time machine of Simon and Simone Cain has been impeccable for the last 3 seasons. But with an onboard fire during round 3 and a major oil hemorrhage during the 5th Qualifier, it might be time for the 6.2 litre Gen 3 to get some serious loving. Simon still managed a 56.81 in the 3rd Qualifier and Simone ran her best time of 67.52 also in the 3rd before the boat retired hurt. Dan Paterson and Clint Reid were giving War Machines Gen 3 no such love, smashing out some consistently quick times with their best qualifier being 56.44. Brian Uren and Kay Johnstone in the Wet Dreams machine kept things steady with times in the mid 60s, their best being a 62.84 in the 2nd qualifier as well as the 1st elimination.

Darrin Jones and Craig Stokes ran beautifully consistent numbers all night in the Turbo Charged Lexus Warlord with their fastest being 62.49 in the 4th qualifier. Thomas Anderson and Dave “Roger Ramjet” Digney started the day with some good times in the newly acquired Razorback, with their best of 72.56 in the 3rd qualifier. A wrong way in the 4th and limited time getting used to driving under lights saw them out in the 1st Elimination.

Once again this was going to be the Willitipit show, with Gavin Mclees and whomever was brave enough to sit in the passenger’s seat. Gav drove it like he had the BHP safety officer chasing him, in what can only be described as a Rulloesque performance. He smashed out a 53.88 in the 5th qualifier and a 54.53 in the top 3 to take the win from 2nd placed Dan Patterson in War Machine with a 56.55 and 3rd placed Brian Urens Wet Dreams 63.22.

Group A

Adam Mileham was confident that the gremlins had been exorcised from the Ford powered Short Fuse. So much so he borrowed a professional navigator and current 350 class leading Nicci Mullins from his brother Paul to finally bring some success to the team. Unfortunately the Gremlins were comfortable where they were in the boats electrical system and Adam struggled with times in the 58s with his 3 equal fastest times being 58.55. Ironically he was beaten by his brother Paul in the 350 class boat Karma who ran a 58.45. If you get a chance, remind Adam of this fact as he failed to see the funny side.

Stuart Latham and John Doherty were still coming to terms with The Negotiator. Driving a Jet Sprint boat is not something you can learn without being on the track. And track time is limited. A general rule of thumb is that it takes a minimum of a full season to learn, sometimes more and sometimes never. Stuart, with only a half season under his belt is doing well and most importantly enjoying himself and with his best time of 58.64 is not far off the pace.

Dwayne Ehrenreich made the pilgrimage down from Newman again to race the Momentum machine. Normally B teamed by wife Tracey, who was not allowed to drive the boat this round after beating Dwayne in round 4. I’m sure that’s not the real reason but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story. Dwayne with navigator Jay Daniels ran consistent times with their fastest being 60.56.

Mark Lucas and Kevin Margetts were consistent and saturated in the Wolverine machine. Slicing a good half second off each run and finishing the qualifiers with a 57.45. Rod Wood and Kylie Morris had the brains trust working overtime on the Triple X express. Peter Perham on the tools and Gibbo on the computer analyzing every sceric of data from the motec system. That elusive extra second was there somewhere and they were determined to find it. Rod ran a fastest qualifier in the 3rd of 53.24 but failed to better it as the night progressed.

Nigel and Michele Johnson had their own gremlins making themselves at home in the fuel system on the Weapon of Choice machine. An almost identical issue that plagued the boat in round 3 with fuel pressure dropping under load. A quick fuel pump swap during the break saw the boat back on track and running a time of 52.97. Not before a malfunctioning reverse bucket dragged the boat off the track and over a few islands without damage.

Top 3 consisted of Nigel in Weapon of Choice, Rod in Triple X and Mark in Wolverine.

Mark went out first and was on a flyer until the old faithful 400 finally gave up and ended with a DNF and an engine to rebuild. Rod was not going to give up without a fight and ripped out a 54.42 to put the pressure back onto Nigel and his slowly failing fuel system. Nigel’s lap started well but on the last corner the fuel pressure disappeared and the boat bogged down without the drive to push it through losing valuable seconds. They limped home with a time of 53.06 to take the win.

A great night of racing, a fantastic crowd and a good precursor to what will be a very interesting Australia Day round 6. So settle on in for a night of thrills and perhaps a few spills. Don’t forget to join in on the great “Aussie Wave”!!!


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