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Official Race Dates 2019-2020


Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

Round 7 Saturday 14th March

Round 8 Saturday 4th April
Round 9 Saturday 18th April 
Round 10 Saturday 2nd May

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The Nut Behind the Wheel

Round 2 Season 2015/16

- Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Loose Nut Who’s Missing His Wheel

Round 2, November 7th  2015


Welcome Jet Sprint fans to the West Coast Jet Sprint Clubs round 2 of the 2015-16 season. Round 1 of course was run in Newman on the 15th August. Nine boats made the 14 hour drive up to the Pilbara mining town to compete for season points during the Fortescue festival week.

The Newman track is almost half the size of the Baldivis track, so it requires a different boat set-up and a different driving style to suit the tight corners and lack of long straights. A very satisfying track to drive when all components of boat set-up and driver head space have aligned… a little shop of horrors when concentration is side tracked on poor boat set-up.

Many thanks go to Dwayne and Tracey Ehrenrich and the Newman Jet Sprint Club for once again putting on a fantastic event. These guys go over and above to make us feel welcome and well looked after while creating a fantastic social event that has many of the world’s problems solved around the campfire.

Results from round 1 as follows…

350 class

1st Geoff Steele                   Subject to Finance

2ndCoreen Steele                 Subject to Finance


LS Class

1st Simon Cain                    Quality Time

2nd Dan Patterson               War Machine

3rdBrian Uren                     Wet Dreams


Group A

1st Nigel and Michele Johnson    Weapon of Choice

2nd Rod Wood and Ebony              Triple X

3rd Dwayne Ehrenrich                     Momentum


Congratulations to all who competed and also a big thanks to Dan Ennis for coming from Melbourne to commentate the event. Dishonourable mention goes out to Dan Paterson for the only crash of the day, albeit a minor one. Also to Chris Kent for the complete consumption a small winery resulting in the total loss of the following day.

Round 1, much to the relief of the forever bridesmaid, Rod Wood, was the last time Nigel and Michele Johnson raced Weapon of Choice in Group A configuration. The boat is currently being fitted out for Superboat class and should be back racing in January with and extra 200hp.


Ok! What are we to expect from Round 2 today?

With the elimination of the 350 class on the East Coast, a very short sighted decision in my opinion as this is the entry level class to attract new people into the sport, we are now the beneficiaries of  the Predator team of A team driver Shane Allen and B team driver Troy McKenzie now choosing to FIFO our season. Make sure you make these guys feel welcome as there are more on the horizon thinking of doing the same.

A new boat to watch out for will be ex Quality Time navigator Rachael Uren (Soon to be Mrs Swarts) with current Mr Swarts navigating in LS class All torque. There will a few other during the season making their debut stepping up classes… Ed Owen in Firm Racing from 350 to Group A and possibly Paul Mileham in Karma from 350 to Group A.

Group A regular Wolverine is now under new management with Jay Palmer taking possession of his new toy less than a fortnight ago. Jay has joined a long line of West Coast notables who have owned this boat, affectionately nicknamed “The Towtruck” because of its indestructible qualities. Mark Lucas, Rod Wood, Glenn Chapman and Graham Dawson have all parked it up at various parts of the track at some time or another. Definitely looking forward to seeing it back on the podium again in the near future.

A few changes have been made to the classes during the off season. Notably the EFI class that was the combined Turbo Charged Outlaws and the Gen 2 boats have now been separated again into 2 classes… LS Class and Turbo Class.

A few thankyous are in order for the work that has been done at the track to get it ready for a season of abuse… Matt Neilson (Ratbag) spent many hours on the Excavator donated by McLean Contracting fixing up the islands and tyres. New club sponsor Prestige Pump Rentals helped us out with a bore upgrade, guaranteeing we had good track water level for race day. Our regulars Neil Mercer and Steve Buss on the mowers and whippersnippers do a magnificent job given the area to cover. Geoff “The Machine” Steel and crew (Subject to Finance) for their work done around the track. Rod Wood (Triple X) for the printing of the programs and signs by Rods company LF Media. The Palatchie Earthmoving Repairs Crew for the servicing of the little excavator (that is on loan from Alan Cottrell) and the transport of the generator to J & J Autos for servicing. Also from the Palatchie crew… Tina Anderson and Thomas Anderson (Razorback) for their efforts around the track. Petar Govedarica from SRB Contacting for the transport of the little excavator. Dan Paterson (War Machine) for the use of his Bobcat and his work around the track. Peter Perham (Triple X crew) for his work around the track and for his scruitineering duties.

Without these people we wouldn’t be able to run a successful season so make sure you take the time to thank these people and support the businesses that support us.

If you want to get involved in the club as a volunteer or even if you are interested in getting into the racing side, come down to the pits at the break and have a chat with us and get involved in the best bang for your buck motor sport on the planet.


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