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Official Race Dates 2019-2020


Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

Round 7 Saturday 14th March

Round 8 Saturday 4th April
Round 9 Saturday 18th April 
Round 10 Saturday 2nd May

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The Easter Blaster 30.03.13

Info Jetsprint WA - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter Saturday is a good day for relaxing with the family and the size of the crowd reinforced this thought with lots of Mums, Dads and Kids on the bank. The Boat numbers were good and the competition in each class was close.  The weather was perfect with it being a balmy twenty eight in the afternoon followed up by one of those perfect evenings where it is a sheer pleasure to be sitting out under the sky.  “Dan the Man” our usual commentator was away in America with his Fiancée so we had a couple of stand in commentators in Jaimee Welch and Ed Owen who did a fantastic job, so much so the Roving Mic couldn’t get a word in edge wise for most of the event J.  Not true really as the Roving Mic was having motor problems with his CrazyAz boat and was busy trying to get it going properly for most of the event.  It was good to see Brian on his Jet Ski back in the water after missing the last event.  He does a great job and certainly helps to keep the event flowing by getting the boats that crash back to the pits quickly from out on the track.  The Mud rats were quick to the accidents on the night, man handling the boats back into the water quickly so they could be towed back.  I even got to have a chat to them when I crashed out at one stage J.  It’s great to meet the Girls and Guys who are the Mud Rats as they are always happy and full of chat about how the night is going and how each competitor has been doing.  They always give you a bit of stick about crashing out as well so you have to be prepared for a bit of a razzing J

The track direction was an interesting one with it being about fifty percent tight with turns and then fifty percent opening out into long fast runs, so a good combination of tight and fast which probably meant all boats were about even with maybe a slight lean towards the boats who had good boat speed in a straight line.  As I have written before some Sprint Boats corner better than others and some go quicker than others in a straight line due to their hull design. The trade-off is though, the quick ones sacrifice speed through the corners and the ones that corner well sacrifice speed in a straight line, so it all kind of evens up in the end.

The real down side to the event was right near the end of the event when the boats were ready for their final run offs to find the winner of each class, one bank of the big light towers that light the track went down which meant the track wasn’t lit well enough for the boats to race.  Alan Cottrell who is a tremendous sponsor of our club and a guy we really appreciate as a club member tried to rectify the problem but alas in the end we had to admit defeat and call the event to an end awarding places going by the times set in the top six final run offs.  Alan who donated the generator to the club and continues to maintain it discovered that there was a short in one of the lighting towers which meant that if he reset the breaker switch that had kicked out, there was a very real risk that all the lights would have gone down possibility doing damage to the switch board, or lighting towers.  Also it is not safe to suddenly plunge you the spectators into total darkness when there are kids everywhere on the banks, not to mention also having to pack up the Esky and Chairs J.  Thanks Alan for managing the situation for us and making the diagnosis and call that you did.  We would be lost without your expertise mate.   So to all of you who were there on the bank eagerly anticipating the final run offs we apologise and hope that you understood the decision we had to make L.

The Restricted/350 class got off to a solid start in the qualifying runs with all boats performing well, especially Dennis and Kylie Morris in boat 88 “Hammer”.  Dennis’s son Adam and his navigator were in the same boat, and as the “B team”, were equally as fast which promised an event of close racing between the two of them.  Matt Neilson and his navigator Steve in boat 31 “Warlock” also got off to a quick start and showed that they were well and truly on the pace and a threat to the two teams driving “Hammer”.  Paul Mileham and Al Pash in boat 28 “Trauma”  were struggling earlier on with a few engine problems which niggled all event eventually seeing them come in forth in this class.  All event,  Adam, Dennis’s son “B” driving “Hammer”, managed to keep that split second in front of his Dad.  The rivalry between these two is enormous with Dennis having to concede in the end that his son was faster than him on this particular occasion J.  On interviewing Dennis I encouraged him to get a new boat, a new quicker one and then give “Hammer” to his son Adam, thus being able to be a winner again.  I think Dennis reckons this is a good idea J.  There has been talk for a while that Dennis and Adam are going to step up to the “Group A” class, in fact they have another Jet Sprint Hull at their work shop for doing just this, so we look forward to the day that they do get this boat built and in the water.  In the final run off for the event which this class managed to do just before the lights dropped out Adam and his navigator  managed to just beat Dennis and Kylie by half a second with Matt Neilson and Steve in “Warlock” coming in a close third.  Well done guys! J

In the EFI Class it was close fast racing as usual which saw Simon Cain with Rachael Uren navigating in boat 6 “Quality Time” set some very quick times in the early qualifying runs.  Joe Wilson with Bianca Capelinha navigating in boat 24 “Razor Back” were sitting within a second of Simon’s times and being their usual cagey selves and keeping that little bit in reserve.  Darrin Jones with his daughter Maddison navigating in boat 861 “The Warlord” were right on the pace and very obviously over the Turbo problems they had the event prior.  Unfortunately for Gavin McLees he was there as a spectator after blowing up his motor in boat 10 “WillyTipit” last event.  If he had of been out there competing as well he would have been right on the pace and well and truly amongst them.  Lisa Cottral with Paul Williams navigating in boat 199 “Twisted” was out there again racing her third event since stepping up from the junior class to this class, a big big step up in power and speed!  Lisa’s Dad Alan gave her the green light for this event and told her to drive as hard as she could.  Lisa didn’t have to be told twice to do this!  She was extremely competitive and not too far behind the first three boats all event.  I will say it again, this young lady is going to be a top competitor in the not too distant future.  I interviewed her Dad during the event after interviewing Lisa and having her tell me that she was absolutely flat out with nothing more left in the boat.  I asked him if he would put a full tune into the boat for the next event after she drove so well at this event?  A full tune means that for the three events that Lisa has raced the boat has been retarded, as in the timing/tuning was all set back so it slowed the boat down while Lisa got used to it.  He said he was very pleased with the way she had driven at this event so yes he was going to give her full power for the next event which is the event you are watching today.  So everyone let’s all watch her at this event and see how she goes with all that extra power and speed J.  I think she will surprise us all, especially the guys she is racing against!  Also Maddison  Jones with her Dad navigating raced her first full event in boat 861 “The Warlord” and did really well.  She had a couple of offs and one wrong way but for her first event she drove really well and improved on her times all event.  The event came down to three boats in the end, Simon and Rachael in “Quality Time”, Joe and Bianca in “Razor Back” and Darrin and Maddison in “The Warlord”, all within seconds of each other.  Unfortunately in the top six run off Darrin and Maddison crashed out which saw them eliminated from the competition.  Simon and Rachael in “Quality Time” went out and put down a time of 59.75 (sec) which was a really quick time for this class, but Joe and Bianca in “Razorback” were not far off the pace so all eyes were on them when they went out for their run.  Unfortunately it didn’t work for Joe and Bianca and they came in with a 61.67 after a flat out drive in “Razorback”.  The event finished with “Quality Time” first, “Razorback” second and “The Warlord” third.  Great racing you guys! J

In the “Group A” class it was once again anyone’s night with some extremely close and fast racing.  Unfortunately for myself and Jo Price in “CrazyAz 07” it was one of those events you would like to forget.  After the boat going so well the event prior, too have the boat go off at this event was extremely disappointing.  For some reason we just couldn’t get full rev's out of the motor with it breaking down right at the top end, or at top rev’s.  The guys worked on it all event and every time Jo and myself went out thinking that it was fixed we were disappointed  because as soon as we got near top rev’s the motor would start missing again.  In the end the thought was it was something electrical which is near on impossible to find while racing.  These types of problems are best found in a well-lit work shop with the right equipment and an auto electrician on hand as the cause can be very difficult to find.  I would just like to say to all the people that helped my crew and myself in trying to get the boat going properly thank you.  I owe you for a set of spark plugs too Rod and Peter! J (The “Triple XXX” guys).   It is an amazing sport the sport of Jet Sprinting because often you will have the crews you are competing against working with you lending you their tools along with motor bits to try and get your boat going and back in the water.  (Adam, Doug, Pete, Rod, Nigel, Wado and my crew – Thanks)

Nigel Johnson with Andrew Hughes navigating in boat 55 “Weapon of Choice” once again got out there in the first few qualifiers and set the pace early.  Rod Wood with Sharron Power navigating in boat 23 “Triple XXX” were right on them being less than a second behind, but the surprise of the event was Wade Davies with Geoff Steele navigating in boat 94 “Excalibur 2”.  Wade as we all know has totally re built this boat making major repairs to the hull in the off season straightening it out.  He has been back in the water and competing for the last three events and every time he has been in the water he has improved the boats performance and his driving.  Wade and Jeff were suddenly right there on the pace and giving everyone a hurry up.  Mark Lucas with Rusty navigating in boat 26 “Wolverine” didn’t register a time with the first three qualifying runs due to going the wrong way, they just couldn’t get the track direction right.  Finally on the fourth qualifying run they went the right way registering a time and were right on the pace from there on.  Adam Mileham with Tom navigating in boat 11 “Short Fuse” were right on the pace from the word go putting pressure on every one as well.  When it got down to the top six elimination run offs it is amazing how things can change very quickly though.  Wade and Jeff in “Excalibur” who were right there on the pace and possibly even on track to take a spot on the podium suddenly went the wrong way and were eliminated.  This was terribly disappointing for them at this event, so look out for them at the next event as they have something to prove!  Even more disappointed were Rod and Sharon in “Triple XXX” who were definitely on target for a podium finish when they crashed out and were eliminated.   After the top six run off there were just three boats that had times registered so that saw them all automatically in the top three run off.  Right then was when half the lights went down! L  After a long delay as I wrote above, the event had to be called with the times from the top six run off being used to decide the placing’s.  In first place was Nigel and Andrew in “Weapon of Choice”, in second was Adam and Tom in “Short Fuse” and third was Mark Lucas and Rusty in “Wolverine”.   To those of you who were on the bank watching it was a bit of an anticlimax as we were all looking forward to seeing these guys run off.  Sometimes the gods just aren’t with you though and this was the case at the end of our event so please accept our apologies once again and let’s hope all goes well at this event which I am sure it will J.

The Roving Mic J

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