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Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

Round 7 Saturday 14th March

Round 8 Saturday 4th April
Round 9 Saturday 18th April 
Round 10 Saturday 2nd May

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One hell of a day of close racing! (Event 09.03.13)

Info Jetsprint WA - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What a fantastic nights racing!  The track direction was short sharp and sweet with all drivers really enjoying the drive!  The afternoon was a bit humid but once evening arrived it was perfect weather wise.  The commentating was excellent, the Mud Rats were right on the ball and quick into the water to any crashed boats,  the many volunteers that help the club put on an event were all excellent in whatever roll it is that they do so the event ran like clockwork once again.

The racing was incredibly close in all three classes which had not only the drivers and navigators holding their breath at times and cheering excitedly as a boat was coming in to the spin out pool after breaking the finish beam, but it also had the spectators on the edge of their seats with lots of cheering and horn honking throughout the event.  There were split seconds dividing the top boats with no one boat dominating in any class.  Every time a boat did a lap there would be just hundredths of a second between them and the other boats in their class.  I think nearly every competitor at some stage of the event was able to claim being the fastest on the track in their particular class J.  You the spectators were fantastic with the banks being full of cars and people with all of you staying until the very end.  By the look of all the Children lining the fence they were all having an awesome time as well J.

The restricted/350 Class saw a bit of a worrying start to the event for Matt Neilson and Steve in boat 31 “Warlock” as they failed to make it to the line due to engine problems.  The event also saw slower starts than usual from Paul Mileham and Al Pash in boat 28 “Trauma” and Michael Darwin with Ben Hathaway navigating in boat 666 “Under Suspicion”.  Just the fact that both these boats went out a little off the pace on their first runs signalled that the night was going to be fiercely contested because they usually go out flat out from the start, going out slower meant that they were both focusing and thinking about the track and the driving lines they wanted to take as they went around.  Dennis Morris and Kylie Morris in boat 88 “Hammer” who are a very experienced team went out on their first run and put in a very quick time that certainly put the pressure on the other competitors.

The next couple of runs saw all boats on the pace and all within a few seconds of each other.  The strange thing was that nearly all the restricted/350 boats were having motor problems on and off  during the event with the worst of it being “Trauma” not starting three times in the six qualifiers which was a hell of a disadvantage.  Mike Darwin was also struggling in “Under Suspicion” with not only a couple of DNS’s (Did Not Start) but also with boat speed.  His boat was revving and sounding like it was absolutely flying around the track when in reality it was running with the rest of the boats.  On talking to Mike he let me know that he was having some Blade issues, Blades being the blades in the Jet Unit that drive the boat forward.  He is desperately waiting for some new Blades that are pitched enough to take advantage of the new powerful motor.  In the final run off at the end of the event we saw a really close battle for the top spot between Dennis and Kylie Morris in “Hammer” and Matt Neilson and Steve in “Warlock” with “Hammer” just taking the win.  Mike and Ben in “Under Suspicion” found a bit of speed and came in third.  The bad luck story of the event in this class was “Trauma” who earlier in the event were registering times that would have seen them contesting for second or third but unfortunately in the top six Final run off Paul and Al didn’t make it home which saw them eliminated.  Bad luck guys!

The EFI Class got off to a very fast start with Simon Cain and Rachel Uren in boat 6 “Quality Time” going out in the first qualifying run and putting down an absolute blinder of a time which saw the rest of the field taking all their qualifying runs to get close to the time they set.  Unfortunately Gavin McLees in boat 10 “Willytipit” who also put in a good time on his first qualifying run and looked like the one who was going to take it up to Simon in “Quality Time” couldn’t get the track direction right for his next two qualifying runs so didn’t register any times and then just when he said he had the track in his head and was going to nail a good time his motor let him down which saw “Willytipit” back on the trailer for the rest of the event.

In the meantime the guy I always describe as the dark horse of the EFI Class, the guy that holds back deliberately not showing his best till the end of the event in the final runoffs was suddenly there within one second of Simon in “Quality Time”, yes I’m talking of Joe Wilson with the beautiful Bianca Capelinha sitting alongside of him in boat 24 “Razorback”.  Suddenly the pressure was right back on  “Quality Time” where they couldn’t relax in the slightest and if they made a single mistake “Razorback” would have them!  Darrin and Maddison Jones, the father daughter team in boat 861 “The Warlord” were right there when it got down to the finals as well being just two seconds of the pace.    Darrin and Maddison are still relatively new to the sport of Jet Sprinting so it is fantastic to see these two competing at the top end of their class.  We also saw Lisa Cottral with Paul Williams navigating in boat 199 “Twisted”.  Lisa has stepped up to the way more powerful and faster EFI class and loved it.  She went out on her first run in “Twisted” with the very firm words of her father Allan ringing in her ear – “Take your time and don’t go too fast, get used to it”!  On her first run she put in a time of 83.64 seconds then from there on she was on fire improving her time by 24 seconds and ending up just eight seconds behind the leaders.  This tells me that when Lisa settles into this boat which is very different than anything else she has driven as it is so much more powerful and quicker she is going to be a force to reckon with J.  Well done Lisa, it was great to see you step up and control the boat so well.  Maddison Jones also continued her training as a driver driving her Dad’s boat, the boat she navigates in with him “The Warlord”.  Again she drove really well and is certainly looking like she will be a more than competent driver when she starts racing for real next season.  She had one moment that I saw as she came down through the middle of the track where I reckon her Dad must have grabbed the steering wheel for a moment, but credit to Maddison she saved it and raced home in a good time J.  Simon Cain and Rachael Uren in “Quality Time” went out first in the top three run off and put down a very quick time, one of their fastest for the event.  It was a perfect drive and was obviously going to be hard to beat.  Joe Wilson and Bianca Capelinha in “Razorback” then went out and while it was a really good run they missed Simon’s time by just on half a second which had the “Quality Time” team fairly excited in the pits.  It was then Darren and Maddison Jones in “The Warlord” turn to go out and I tell you what they did an awesome job and came in just a second off Joe’s time.  So first went to “Quality Time”, half a second behind was “Razorback” and then third was “The Warlord”.  Great racing guys and bad luck to Gavin in “Willytipit”, let’s hope that you are back in the water this event mate.

The “Group A” racing was enormous with some of the closest racing I have ever seen in Jet Sprinting.  Dwayne and Tracy Ehrenreich were down from Newman and racing boat 42 “Momentum”. “CrazyAz 07” (Myself) was back in the water racing with Jo Price navigating, the first time that Jo and myself have ever raced together even though Jo has been a part of the CrazyAz team for about ten years J. Mark Lucas was back in the water after a major motor rebuild with boat 26 “Woolverine” with Rusty navigating.  Wade Davies and Geoff Steel in boat 94 “Excalibur” were looking forward to a great event after even more work done on their boat.  Nigel Johnson with Andrew Hughes navigating in boat 55 “Weapon of Choice” were sure they had the motor problems that they have been experiencing over the last few events finally sorted.  Adam Mileham with Tom navigating in boat 11 “Short Fuse” believed that they had sorted their niggling motor problems and were in for a good event and Rod Wood with Sharon Power navigating were hoping that they had found the loss of speed that they have experienced over the last few events in boat 23 “Tripple XXX”.  Two days prior to the event Rod had received a brand new race motor from the eastern states which he believed would fix the loss of speed.  Unfortunately his team did not have the time to get the motor into the boat so he had to race with the motor he believed had lost power.  Everyone was really pumped and ready to race so there was a lot of banter in the pits between the teams.  One of the “Group A” boats missing was boat 54 “Uonit” which is raced by Peter Rullo.  Peter is a top runner and it would have topped the event off beautifully if he had of been racing considering how close the event was.

All boats got off to a really fast start with everyone absolutely flying around the track, which resulted in six of the eight Sprint boats posting times between 49 and 51 seconds.  After that every time a “Group A” competitor went out for a lap they shaved a bit more time off their time which meant that not one of us as drivers could afford to relax a fraction because with so many boats so close to each other there was a very real chance of being eliminated going into the finals.  I know I usually fox a little and hold back on my times till right at the end, but not at this event as I couldn’t afford not to be running one of the top times for fear of being eliminated going into the finals.  Dwayne Ehrenreich with Jay Daniel navigating in “Momentum” was getting quicker every round.  His wife Tracy Ehrenreich with Tanya Uren navigating “B” driving the same boat “Momentum” was just a few seconds behind.  This husband and wife competition is an event within an event as Dwayne strives to never be beaten by Tracy J.  Dwayne was rapped with his driving and really enjoyed the event as he sometimes struggles with the track direction but on this night he and Jay nailed the direction every time J.  The event was incredible because going into the top six final run off it was any bodies race to win.  Rod Wood had found the missing speed without having to put the new motor in “Triple XXX”  which saw him go from being fractionally off the pace to being right on it just in time for the finals.  Embarrassingly for him and his team at “Triple XXX” the navigator, Sharon, a mere slip of a girl and totally not mechanical at all leaned into the boat just prior to qualifying run five and pointed to the throttle cable and said why is that up against that?  The “Triple XXX” team all dismissively looked at what she was pointing at and all collectively went what the hell!  Sharon had found the problem as to why they were down on speed for the last two events, the problem being that the throttle cable was not traveling full distance because it was becoming fouled.   All those smart mechanic types in the “Triple XXX” team I would say felt totally humiliated, not to mention that they had got a very expensive brand new race motor that they didn’t really need now J.

Wade Davies and Geoff Steel in “Excalibur”, Adam Mileham and Tom in “Wolverine” and Mark Lucas and Rusty who unfortunately crashed were eliminated from the top six final leaving Rod Wood and Sharon Power in “Triple XXX”, Nigel Johnson and Andrew Hughes in “Weapon of Choice” and myself with Jo Price navigating in “CrazyAz 07” going into the top three run off.

Myself and Jo in “CrazyAz” had the quickest time so chose to send the two slower boats out first.  Nigel and Andrew in “Weapon of Choice” went out first and did a very fast time of 48.05 which meant the slightest mistake by Rod in “Triple XXX” or myself in “CrazyAz” would see us drop a place or two.  Rod and Sharon went out second in “Triple XXX” and did a time of 47.86 so the pressure was on.  Myself and Jo in “CrazyAz” had a best time for the night of 47.77 so I was thinking I just needed a clean run and a bit of luck and I would have first spot.  We took off and the run was perfect and was definitely on track for first place until I clipped some tyres on the outside of a corner knocking probably a second off my time and having me think that’s it, that will be a third place.  As quickly as I thought that I thought stuff it and threw caution to the wind and absolutely flew around the rest of the track coming in with a 47.95 and second spot. If only I hadn’t clipped those tyres! J  But look at the times everyone! How close were the three of us!  That is close racing and honestly a race that every competitor in “Group A” really enjoyed.

I hope you enjoy this event as much as the last event was enjoyed by you the spectators.

Our Commentator is away for this event and Ed one of our racers has stepped into the timing tower to have a crack at doing the commentating so please bear with him and I as we get in the groove together.

The Roving Mic J

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