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Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

Round 7 Saturday 14th March

Round 8 Saturday 4th April
Round 9 Saturday 18th April 
Round 10 Saturday 2nd May

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Events 14.04.12 and 28.04.12

Sam Blight - Saturday, April 14, 2012

It was a great day/night of racing with the weather being in the mid-twenties and then the evening being one of those perfect evenings where it was a pleasure for the good sized crowd to be sitting outside under a balmy sky watching Jet Sprinting while partaking in whatever beverage it is that one most enjoys. Mean time it was fast and furious down in the pits with a number of boats suffering some sort of problem and all teams working frantically to try and keep their respective boats in the water. It also was an event that saw a few boats and drivers missing due to work commitments which was really unfortunate for those concerned as I know what they would rather be doing! The track direction had some long fast straits that saw the Sprint Boats reaching speeds of around 130, to 140 kilometres an hour then going into a number of tight hard turns. It also saw the boats go through the chicane three times from various directions, so all in all a bit of a tricky track, but one that could be driven very hard and fast if the driver’s confidence was up. By the end of the event there were unfortunately a number of boats retired on their trailers which made for some interesting placing’s with drivers and boats that are always pressing for a top three finish but not quiet getting there suddenly being there and racing off for one of the top placing’s. There were obviously a few of the top drivers who were very disappointed sitting in the pits retired and missing out on valuable points towards the championships. For all of us though it was fantastic to see a few “different” teams on the Podium, teams that are always there but don’t quiet break into the top three – well done guys!

The event also saw the Food Van that attends all the race meets not being able to make it so the West Coast Jet Sprint club saw the launch of a new catering business called “Ronnie’s Hot Box”! It was a hit on the night making great hamburgers, sausages in a bun, hot dogs and few other gourmet delicacies. It was advertised on the night as “Ronnie’s Hot Box, a great place to get a Snagga”! I’m not sure if we will see the business continue to flourish at the Sprint Races, or if it was a once off to take the place of the missing Food Van, but what I do know is that the food that was produced was excellent

The EFI Class saw a night of close racing once again with Chris Pestell and Sharon Power in boat 25 “Sons of Anarchy” driving really well and putting a lot of pressure on Joe Wilson and Michelle Cox in boat 24 “Razorback”. Simon Cain with his “beautiful” wife Simone alongside of him in boat 6 “Quality Time” struggled with the track and had an “Off” for which he got a stern talking to from his wife and then a wrong way which saw them struggling to set a good time. Luckily with their second last qualifying run they finally put down a time that happened to be the second fastest time of qualifying. Both he and Simone looked set for a podium finish but with both the drivers of “Sons of Anarchy”, Chris and Mark just a couple of seconds behind them and getting quicker every pass, I’m wondering if the pressure was too much for Simon which forced the mistakes and in turn started the times dropping back? Joe in “Razorback” drove his usual consistent race which never saw him looking like being challenged until the last eliminating pass of the night when Chris in “Sons of Anarchy” put down his best time thus throwing some pressure on Joe. If Joe had of made a mistake in the top three elimination he would have come second so it was a good drive by him to keep it all tidy on his last run and win the night . Second to Joe and Michelle was Chris and Sharon, third was Mark and Bohdi, both teams racing “Sons of Anarchy” and driving very good races. Watch out for Simon and Simone in the next event as I would expect them to be right back on the pace and putting pressure on all the EFI drivers once again!

International “Group A” saw a night of racing where there were a couple of boats missing, plus added to that there was a fair amount of carnage with a blown motor, an oil fire, electrical problems and a Jet unit failure, not to mention a few crashes. Four drivers and teams left the event bitterly disappointed for various reasons and four left the race meeting with large grins on their faces! The drivers and boats got off to very quick start which saw Tony Carr with Gavin Imrie in “CrazyAz 07” again make a statement to the field by putting down a time two seconds quicker than anyone else. Not to be out done Rod Wood driving boat 23 “Triple XXX” with Sharon Perham navigating came out and put down a time that was quicker than the rest of the field except Tony, so he was making it obvious to all that he and his new boat were there to race! Nigel Johnson’s boat “Weapon of Choice” boat 55 hadn’t been repaired after the previous event where his motor had blown up. The parts needed had not arriving from America so he was there racing Peter Rullo’s boat “UONIT” as Peter couldn’t make it to the event due to business commitments. Both boats race in the same team “Jet Black Racing” and with it being important that Nigel gets some points towards the state titles it was decided that he would drive “UONIT”. Nigel’s first pass with Andrew Hugh’s navigating was all about settling in and getting to know the boats handling characteristics. Even with him being unfamiliar with the boat he put in a time that showed it wasn’t going to be long before he was pressuring for the lead.

Chappo’s first pass in “Wolverine” boat 26 with Michael Gibbons navigating was wild, fast and furious and ended up with him suddenly sitting on the bank. Myself and Dan (Commentator) decided that this sort of an accident would be called a “Chappo” from now on. In other words if anyone else was to crash out in the future and end up on the bank it will for ever more be referred to as he did a “Chappo”!

Wade Davies in “Excalibur” boat 94 with Geoff Steel navigating got off to a good start with a great time for his first pass while getting to know the track. Wade in his next two qualifiers got down to within a couple of seconds of the leading boats which sent out a signal that he was finally getting the boats handling sorted out and was going to be challenging for the podium in the not too distant future. But as racing often does he was dealt a blow in the last qualifier when his boat wouldn’t accelerate off the start line. He had three different attempts over the next couple of qualifiers to get a start but his Jet Unit just would not grip the water and fire him off through the starting line like a Jet Sprint boat should. The diagnosis in the end was that one of the three blades in the Jet Unit had actually sheared off the hub hence any possibility of any drive was impossible. After such a promising start Wade was disappointed to be back on the trailer at the beginning of the eliminations. Adam Mileham in “Short Fuse” boat 11 with Tom Russel navigating was driving extremely well being on the pace and right with the leaders from the second qualifier on. He was certainly letting all the teams know that he was going to be tough to beat. Dwayne and Tracy Ehrenreich were down from Mount Newman which was fantastic with their boat “Momentum”. Dwayne and Tracy make it down to a number of events over the season but obviously distance and work commitments take there toll on the number of events they attend. Never mind though as they have had a Jet Sprint track built up there at Mount Newman and we are all heading up there for an event in August which should be a terrific event with us all showing our stuff up there to a new audience. Dwayne races as the “A” driver and Tracy races as the “B” driver with Caris Elson navigating so as you can imagine this makes for some extreme rivalry in the pits between laps . Dwayne straight away came out and showed us all how much he has improved since buying the boat at the beginning of last season. It became plain to us all that he and Tracy had been getting in some practice on the track up there at Mount Newman!

At the end of the Qualifying rounds Tony Carr had the quickest time of 56.83 with Adam Mileham a very close second with 57.92 and then three boats all on 58 seconds. Unfortunately the field had reduced by a couple of boats with “UONIT” and “Excalibur” retired and on the trailer for the evening. Chappo very kindly approached Nigel Johnson and said he could drive “Wolverine” for the rest of the event which Nigel said yes to. Nigel getting into “Wolverine” meant one hell of a steep learning curve for him if he was to put down competitive times so all eyes were on him and Andrew Hughs navigating when they went out for the first elimination pass.

After the first elimination round the boats that progressed into the top six were Tony Carr in “CrazyAz 07”, Chappo in “Wolverine”, Rod Wood in “Triple XXX”, Nigel Johnson also in “Wolverine”, Dwayne Ehrenreich in “Momentum” and Adam Mileham in “Short Fuse”. The top six saw the departure of Chappo in “Wolverine” when he “did a Chappo” and crashed out of the course. Dwayne in “Momentum” also had his night come to an end due to his time not being quick enough to progress into the top three and would you believe Tony Carr went the wrong way in “CrazyAz 07” and eliminated himself. So the top three was down to Rod in “Triple XXX”, Nigel in “Wolverine” and Adam in “Short Fuse”. There was half a second between Rod and Adam, with Rod holding the honours for the fastest time in the top six so it was going to be a great duel between the pair of them for a placing. The outsider was Nigel who was getting the hang of the handling of “Wolverine” and was less than a second behind them and had been improving every run. Unfortunately it was not Nigel’s night when during his top three run off there was suddenly a billow of white smoke and that was it, the motor had let go and it was all over for him and Andrew. Adam in “Short Fuse” then went out and put in an absolute blinder with a time of 57.73 seconds, his fastest time of the event and a terrific drive. It was then up to Rod in “Triple XXX” with him going out for his final lap knowing he had to find an extra half a second to win the event. Everyone was convinced it was going to be a make it or break it run! Rod drove the lap of his life aiming for his first, first place podium finish in “Group A”. It was not to be and he and Sharron had to settle for second as Adam had gone just under half a second faster than him. So as I wrote earlier in the article, there were four drivers who were over the moon and there were four who were bitterly disappointed. The bitterly disappointed were Nigel Johnson with three blown motors in two events - “Weapon of Choice” the meeting prior, then “UONIT” and “Wolverine” in this event so the engine gods are not smiling down on Nigel at all. Tony Carr in “CrazyAz 07” was absolutely kicking himself for going the wrong way when basically he had the event won with his fastest time of the night being two seconds quicker than anyone else at 56.83. Mind you Adam would have put the pressure on him at the end though. The other two drivers who were majorly disappointed were Chappo and Wade, with Chappo doing a “Chappo” and crashing out when really there was no pressure on him at all and then of course having his motor blow up didn’t improve his night either, then there was Wade Davies in “Excalibur” also very disappointed with his event ending early with a Jet Unit failure. The guys who were ecstatic were Adam and Tom in “Short Fuse” with a win, Rod Wood and Sharon in “Triple XXX” for their first second place in “Group A” and then there was the very much improved Dwayne Ehrenreich in “Momentum” who was wrapped to have made it into the top six for the first time in his short Sprint Boating career and also there was Tracy his wife driving the same boat who was wrapped to have made it into the eliminations for the first time .

So it was a night of highs and lows in the “International Group A” class to say the least! Let’s hope all boats are running for the last two events of the season – I’m sure they will be because there are points to be got and a State Championship to be won!

It should be noted that Chappo in “Wolverine” took out a sponsor who happened to be Mark Lucas’s wife after the dinner break and promptly rolled the boat leaving them hanging upside down in the safety harness with blood rushing to their heads till the Mud Rats made it to them and turned them right way up . Mark drives “Sons of Anarchy” so I’m thinking it probably wasn’t the thing for Chappo to do, go out there and roll the boat with not only a sponsor in it, but also a fellow Jet Sprinters wife! Not a good look Chappo !
Also just for the record there were a number of other drivers who did a “Chappo” and crashed out of the track, it was not all about Chappo, as in I just re-read my article and it sounds like he was the only one to crash – not true!

Another highlight was Tony Carr and Gavin Imrie in “CrazyAz 07” putting on a bit of an impromptu fireworks display with a very spectacular oil fire in the back of the boat as they raced through one of their laps. Turns out they blew an oil line but fortunately there was very little damage and after a repair they were able to keep racing – mind you I will say I have never seen a couple of blokes more eager to exit from a boat before, must have been a bit hot!

Yet another highlight for me on the night was being given one of the famous “enormous” one kilo rolls from Sharon of the “Wolverine” crew. I did manage to eat it after about an hour and it did give me wind for fully two days but it was absolutely awesome I must admit! Thank you Sharon and the “Wolverine” crew . I have no idea how you all race after eating one of those at dinner break but you obviously all do, so well done to you all!

The Roving Mic! :)
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