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Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

Round 7 Saturday 14th March

Round 8 Saturday 4th April
Round 9 Saturday 18th April 
Round 10 Saturday 2nd May

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December 18th what a great event it was for the last event of 2012

Info Jetsprint WA - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What a great event it was for the last event of 2012.  There was plenty of speed,there were rollovers and there was plenty of really close racing that had the crowd on their feet J.  It was a terrific track direction to race with some really tight corners and some really long straights so again a track that never really suited any one boat.  Tonight should see the same, a nice balmy night under lights with lots of action on the track due to the Sygidus brothers, Ted and Darek being in town.  Both these guys individually are former Australian champions, with Ted also having finished second in the world titles twice also.  Both these guys are extremely hard chargers and very respected in the sport of V8 Jet Sprinting.  In short they are totally mad once behind the wheel of a boat, but in saying that they are extremely professional in their preparation and approach to their chosen sport.  These guys are over here to work with Rod Wood to try and get him into first place on the podium in “Triple XXX”.  Rod brought “Triple XXX” of these guys last season and immediately improved out of site as a driver which saw him regularly competing for a spot on the podium.  The improvement in Rods performance, or some of it anyway was testament to the boat and how it was setup and raced by the Sygidus brothers racing team.   This event you will see Ted  “B” driving “Triple XXX” while Darek is in the pits working on the Motec computer system getting maximum performance out of the boat. 

The following was written on the WCJSC Facebook page and it is what this event is all about when it comes to the “Group A” class!   J

Can Peter Rullo hit 39 tyres and still win?  Will Nigel Johnson race a full night in his weapon of choice, or will he be looking for his race drivers excuse book?  Maybe Chris Kent and Tony Carr will show their CrazyAz skills to claim victory?  Can Ted even drive at night under lights?  Who do you think can claim victory!

OK back to our last event for 2012 J.  We trust you all had a very Happy Christmas and a terrific New Year and are looking forward to 2013 being an absolute cracker of a year.  I must admit to feeling guilty since our last event due to the fact that when “Dan the Man” handed over to me on the roving mic to say thanks for coming and good night from all of us in the pits I forgot to say have a great Christmas and New Year to you all! So from all of us here in the pits I say exactly that to you all now! J

In the 350 Restricted Class it was just two boats competing with the rest of the competitors stranded on the bank due to Motor Issues or boat damage.  There are also a number of competitors in this class that fly in and fly out with their jobs.  One boat that wasn’t there that we have watched struggle all season so far is “Hammer”  boat 88 which is run by both Dennis Morris as the “A” driver and his Son Adam Morris as the “B” driver.  Unfortunately for these guys they have been plagued by niggling motor problems all season and haven’t been able to complete an event.  Dennis and Kylie, Kylie being the navigator for Dennis rarely miss an event and are usually competing for a spot on the podium so guys we feel your frustration! L

Paul Mileham with Al Pash navigating in boat 28 “Trauma” and Matt Neilson with Steve Farmers navigating in boat 31 “Warlock” are new competitors to the sport of V8 Jet Sprinting and have enjoyed a dream run in their first season taking most of the points between them towards the State Championships.  It is not often you find new competitors to the sport consistently taking out first and second, so well done to these guys and their crews!

Unfortunately mid event we saw the Gremlins once again strike a boat in this class with “Trauma” experiencing motor problems which forced them from the competition which was very disappointing because prior to this they had recorded the quickest time of the event.  In Qualifier three Paul and Al in “Trauma” put down a time of 85.66 seconds which was the quickest time until Qualifier Six when Matt and Steve pulled out a blinder in “Warlock” and recorded an 84.83 second pass.  Unfortunately it was all over for “Trauma” as they couldn’t get back on the water to better this time which ruined what was going to obviously be a really close and exciting finish.Well done to Matt and Steve in “Warlock” on winning the event and well done to some really good times even though Paul and Al were out of it.

In the EFI Class it was tremendously close racing all night with the pressure really on which saw a number of mistakes made out on course with WW (Wrong Ways) and DNF (Did not finish).  A DNF usually means a crash occurred so it was a good night for the crowd J.  It was great to see the team of Darrin and Maddison Jones, a father daughter team in boat 861 “The Warlord” improving their times so much from the first Qualifier through to the Sixth.  This team is new to the Sport of V8 Jet Sprinting so to be improving times is the aim while they get used to driving these very quick and accurate Jet Sprint Boats.  Their first run saw them do a time of 89.50 seconds and their fastest run of the night was a 74.95 second pass, so as you can see this is a massive improvement which also saw them take out third place – awesome you guys! J.  The battle between all these boats is always exciting!  Simon Cain with Rachael Uren navigating in boat 6 “Quality Time” smashed down a very fast time on their first run to show they were there to win the event.  The pressure got to Joe Wilson with Bianca Capelinha navigating in boat 24 “Razor Back” as he likes to put down the fastest time for qualifier one, but on this occasion it was wrong way Joe which saw him and Bianca back on the trailer having no time registered.  Gavin Mclees with Coen Black navigating in boat 10 “WillyTipit” went out in Qualifier one and smashed “Quality Times” time by two seconds so it was race on for the night for sure!  Ken Bull with Erica Eldon in boat 28 “Enigma” always starts conservatively saving their quicker times for the last couple of qualifiers which is a smart way to race as long as you have the confidence in your ability to put down the quick times in the last couple of qualifiers so you qualify for the finals.  Some competitors go out flat out right from the first run believing they have to get the quickest time possible recorded as early as possible, others keep an eye on the competitors time and go out and go just quick enough to stay with the group knowing that at the end they can do a quick run which will see them in the finals - Ken and Erica in “Enigma” are these type of racers, save the best till last, this means less risk of having an accident or a blow up earlier on.

At the end of Qualifying Gavin and Coen in “WillyTipit” had just scraped in as the fastest with a time of 67.08 from Simon and Rachael in “Quality Time” with a 68.72 followed by the fast finishing Joe and Bianca with a time of 68.91.  Unfortunately in the first elimination final Gavin and Coen couldn’t get “WillyTipit” on the water due to a mechanical issue which was tremendously disappointing for them not to mention all of us as spectators. L  Joe and Bianca after a night of trying to settle the handling of “Razor Back” on the tight turning track finally got up and took the event from Simon and Rachael in “Quality Time” by less than a second, so terrific racing you guys and great to see Darrin and Maddison in “The Warlord” getting into the placing’s with their third J.

In “Group A” what great, close racing it was, a real exhibition of boats being driven to their limit.  Peter Rullo in boat 54 “Uonit” was back to compete in his first event of this season so all eyes were on him and his navigator, Rikke.  Nigel Johnson had boat 55 “Weapon of Choice” flying after experiencing an expensive motor blow up last event.  Rod Wood in boat 23 “Triple XXX” was full of aggression as he threw his boat around the track, Chris Kent in boat 07 “CrazyAz” was on the pace as well as being on his own except for one pit crew member due to his entire crew having to be at a wedding,  Adam Mileham in boat 11 “Short Fuse” got off to a really quick start as did Mark Lucas in boat 26 “Wolverine”. Unfortunately for Mark and navigator Rusty in “Wolverine” their event came to a spectacular end in qualifier six with a big roll over, well a number of roll overs, three to be exact which saw them travel across two islands and end up in the water laying on their side with Mark trapped in the boat underwater for a few moments. The “Mudrats” were quickly on the scene and had the boat upright and a very wet and muddy Mark and Rusty standing on the bank safe and sound.  Adam and navigator Tom in “Short Fuse” struggled with the track direction for a number of qualifiers recording wrong ways but when they got it right they were right there on the pace, but unfortunately they were eliminated and back on the trailer after the top six.

Rod Wood with Sharon Power navigating in “Triple XXX” just couldn’t quiet come to terms with the track.  Rod was putting in good times but couldn’t quiet break the 65 second barrier which saw him finish the qualifying rounds with a best time of 65.42 seconds which was unusual for him to be two seconds of the pace.  Pete his pit boss was frantically working on the boat between runs trying to find the lost couple of seconds so they could go into the final run offs with a chance of getting on the podium.  Chris Kent with Isabela Banea in “CrazyAz 07” started conservatively as they always do and by the end of qualifying had a best time of 62.86 which easily saw them into the top six.  Nigel Johnson with Andrew Hughes navigating in “Weapon of Choice” was consistently setting times in the 63 to 62 second bracket until qualifier five when they came out and did an absolute blinder of a time setting the fastest time for the entire event of 61.58 seconds.  Unfortunately though while setting this time there were a couple of oil pressure drops that had the red warning light on his dash glowing, so there was a lot of concern when he got back to the pits and a lot of discussion as the last thing they wanted was another engine blow up.  Unfortunately for Nigel and Andrew they attempted one more pass in the top six but had to shut the boat down early in the lap due to the warning light coming on again signalling low oil pressure.  The feeling was that the problem may have been the oil pump so they figure if that was replaced they would be back in the water for the next event.  Bad luck guys! L  Peter Rullo with Rikke Zoutenbier in “Uonit” was on fire putting down time after time in the 62 second bracket with his best time that saw him into the top six being a 62.22 second pass.  The top six saw Rod in “Triple XXX”, Pete in “Uonit” and Chris in “CrazyAz” go into the sudden death top three run off.  Rod in the top six run off found two of the missing seconds he had been unable to find in qualifying and was right there with “CrazyAz” and “Uonit” going into the top three so the pressure was on J.  Chris and Isabela were out first in “CrazyAz” and with the sudden pressure of Rod and Sharon in “Triple XXX” being right there on the pace with them time wise and being as close to “Uonit” as they were Chris made a slight mistake and came in with a slower time of 63.69 seconds which frustrated the hell out of him! J  Pete Rullo in “Uonit” was out next and again drove beautifully putting in another smooth run of 62.22 seconds.  Rod and Sharon in “triple XXX” were out next and as keen as keen to claim first spot.  Chris and Pete were standing on the bank with fingers crossed that Rod wouldn’t find another second and beat them both. Rod absolutely flew around the track, but again that good old racing pressure stepped in which saw Rod go into a corner too fast and too deep which meant his boat cavitated (lost traction) out of the corner and first and second places were gone from him in that split second. So at the end of the event first went to Peter in “Uonit”, second to Chris and Isabela in “CrazyAz 07” and third went to Rod and Sharon in “Triple XXX”.

Great racing guys! J

The Roving MicJ


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