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Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

Round 7 Saturday 14th March

Round 8 Saturday 4th April
Round 9 Saturday 18th April 
Round 10 Saturday 2nd May

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16 Feb 2013

Info Jetsprint WA - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Event 16.02.13

The day was perfect for racing with it not being too hot in the afternoon and then the afternoon being followed by a perfectly still and cool evening which for the boat motors is exactly what is needed, or wanted as the motors perform at their optimum with the cooler air temperature.  For those of you on the bank, and there were a lot of you which was fantastic, it couldn’t have been much better with it being still and pleasantly balmy, ideal for relaxing with your family and watching some exciting Jet Sprint racing. J 

The track direction that was raced for this event was a track that for the drivers and the teams was extremely fast with a lot of very fast sweeps, or straits which meant tuning the boats so they ran high in the water thus reducing as much drag or friction from the water as possible which meant the boats could reach maximum speed.  The trade off, or the worry with the fast set up, or boat trim was that the last fifteen seconds of the track, or the last few hundred meters, was extremely tight with a number of tight corners with little distance between them followed by a very quick four to five second run down through the middle of the track from the bottom end of the track to the finish line and into the spin out pool.  Due to the boats being set up to ride high and fast in the water the worry was that when they went into the tight part of the track there was a very real risk of the boats not gripping the water fully thus the possibility of them letting go and crashing out of the water, which mind you a few boats did J

It was a great day/night of racing with a really good number of boats in all classes and some really close racing.  The Pit Boss’s need to be complimented on keeping the boats flowing out of the pits into the starting shoot quickly and evenly so that as one boat finished a few moments later another started.  The drivers and teams need complimenting also for having their boats in the water and ready to go when signalled by the Pit Boss.  Credit also must go to the race coordinator Cheryl Welch who is a very experienced Jet Sprint racer/driver and who knows what it takes to make the event a great spectacle for you the spectators.  What makes a great event? – ACTION! J  Cheryl you are doing a great job and we compliment you on what you do to keep an event flowing and action packed.  We also compliment you on the hard decisions you have to sometimes make to achieve a fast action packed event. 

The Restricted Class, or the 350 class raced the entire event with times that were within split seconds of each other.  Rarely do you see this as at least once during the  event you would think a driver would make a mistake and be a couple of seconds slower than another but in the case of this event all the boats were within the same second.  Paul Mileham with Al Pash navigating in boat 28 “Trauma”, along with Matt Neilson with Steve navigating in boat 31 “Warlock” got off to a shaky start with both of them going the wrong way on their first runs of the event.  From there on though, neither boat nor team put a foot wrong with both teams racing within split seconds of each other.  Unfortunately Dennis and Kylie Morris in “Hammer” were not racing due to Dennis being away with work commitments but what we did see was the return of Michael Darwin with Rusty navigating in boat 666 “Under Suspicion”.  We haven’t seen “Under Suspicion” for some time due to Michelle, Mike’s partner, being posted to Queensland with her job which saw them pack up everything including their boat and head to the Gold Coast.  It was great to see them back here racing and let’s hope they keep the boat here and return often to race.  Mike not having driven on the Baldivis track for some time got off to a cautious start but soon dialled up the speed and as I have written got right on the pace with the other boats in this class.  Paul Mileham and Al Pash in “Trauma” top timed all the Qualifying runs by a fraction of a second from Matt Neilson and Steve in “Warlock” followed by Mike Darwin and Rusty in “Under Suspicion”.   Unfortunately when the pressure went on for the final qualifying run of the event Paul and Al in “Trauma” spectacularly crashed out of the track rolling the boat over twice in a shower of mud and water.  They were kicking themselves as they hadn’t been beaten time wise all event until the roll over which saw them not only not register a time but also hole the boat by splitting the side wide open and not being able to take any further part in the event.  The final two run off for the night was extremely exciting as all event Mike Darwin and Rusty in “Under Suspicion” had been closing in on Matt and Steve’s times in “Warlock”.  It was not to be for Mike and Rusty though as Matt and Steve did their fastest time of the event claiming first place in “Warlock”.  Mike and Rusty we’re a close second in “Under Suspicion” so it was great racing by all teams in the restricted/350 class, well done guys J

In the EFI class it was as usual tight, fast and wild racing with all teams throwing everything they had at the fast track direction.  The track direction probably suited Joe Wilson and Bianca Capilinah in “Razor Back” and the father, Daughter team of Darren and Maddison Jones in “The Warlord” more than the “Mac Craft Hulls” of Simon Cain and Rachael Uren in “Quality Time” and Gavin McLees and his navigator in “WillyTipit”.  Both “Razor Back” and “The Warlord” are locally made Scorpion Hulls and as such were designed to be a little shorter than most boats and a lot lighter in weight.  They are an extremely good race boat being very quick in a straight line due to being able to get up on top of the water quickly because of being light and short.  They are also great cornering boats due to having a very deep “V” hull which sees the boat bite hard in corners. The sacrifice these boats make in being short and light is if they hit a little wake at top speed they become a little wild as the driver fights to keep control.  In the case of Joe and Bianca in “Razorback” they were extremely quick all over the track except for on their final run home through the middle of the track where there was a little wash/wake which saw them on the edge of losing control on nearly every pass they did, as the boat became untidy as it bounced over the wash/wake.  In no way am I knocking the Scorpion hulls, in fact the contrary, as they are great hulls and a great boat to learn in and race, but what I am pointing out is the one place where a very quick driver like Joe in “Razor Back” has to be totally focused to get through those few meters of wash/wake and not lose control.   Simon Cain and Rachael Uren in “Quality Time” and  Gavin Mclees and his navigator in “WillyTipit” both race the same boats as in they are both “MacCraft” Hulls out of New Zealand.  The “MacCraft” hull sacrifices a little boat speed because they sit deeper in the water than the “Scorpion Hulls” but in return for this they are more stable in the water.  Another down side to these boats is if you drive these boats aggressively, or roughly you lose boat speed dramatically so they need to be driven very smoothly through corners and down straights.  Once you weigh up the pros and cons of both boats they probably come out about even.  Through all seven qualifying runs these boats were within two seconds of each other.  Simon Cain and Rachael Uren in “Quality Time” had the edge with the fastest time of Qualifying in this class, a 58.11 second pass that was fractionally quicker than Gavin McLees and his navigator in “WillyTipit” who’s fastest time at the end of qualifying was 58.84.  Joe Wilson and Bianca Capelinha in “Razorback” had a best time of 59.11 so were right on the pace also as they went into the finals with one second exactly splitting the three boats.  Unfortunately Darrin and Maddison Jones had motor problems and just couldn’t get “The Warlord” on the pace though they did manage to get a couple of 63 second passes late in the event which says that if the boat had of been running well they would have been there with the other three boats time wise.  The top six run off saw “WillyTipit” do a time of 58.20 which was the fastest time of the top six run off’s with “Quality Time” .27 of a second slower and then “Razorback “ who’s run was fractionally untidy through the middle wash/wake which saw them come in with a 60.03 second pass.  The top three run off between “WillyTipit”, “Quality Time” and “Razorback” was any-ones as Simon and Rachael in “Quality Time” had done the quickest time of the event so all they had to do was match that and they had a good chance of taking the event.  They went out and flew around the track but with one tiny mistake that saw them clip the bank which upset the boat for a split second and saw Simon desperately trying to keep control which he managed to do.  Even with this split second of the boat being upset he came in with a very good time of 58.38, so Gavin in “WillyTipit” had to go out and pretty much do the perfect run to win.  Well he did a better than perfect run and came in with the time of 57.73 which blitzed the time of Simon in “Quality Time” and that of Joe’s in “Razor Back”.  So the event finished with Gavin in “WillyTipit” first, Simon and Rachael in “Quality Time” second and Joe and Bianca in “Razor Back” third.  A great event of close racing once again by these guys so well done to you all J

Group A as usual was very fast and furious with all boats starting the event with some very quick times.  The event also saw the return of the seasoned racer Wade Davies with Geoff Steel navigating in “Excalibur” J.  It was great to see these guys back on the water after being absent all season.  Wade has in the off season of last year and the early part of this season put an enormous amount of hours into repairing “Excalibur” after discovering a few bends in the hull that shouldn’t have been there.  I’m not sure if any of you as spectators remember but Wade brought “Excalibur” a few season back and was very competitive until we suddenly saw him having massive handling problems which saw him constantly fighting for control and often crashing onto the banks.  It was clear something was wrong with the boat so at the end of the season Wade ran some straight edges over the boat hull and discovered that the boat had numerous bends and twists which explained why it had become almost impossible to drive.   We also saw the return of the very experienced navigator Judy Ellison who took back her seat in “Uonit”. J

Peter Rullo with Judy Ellison in “Uonit” went out first run and immediately set a very quick time of 55.64.  Peter was comfortably leading the pack by two to three seconds with the other four boats starting off conservatively and getting the feel of the track.  Unfortunately on the very first run it was apparent that Nigel Johnson with Michelle navigating in “Weapon of Choice” had motor problems once again as the boat just didn’t sound crisp right from the start.  Unfortunately the first run Nigel and Michelle did was their last for the event in “Weapon of Choice” with the boat being put on the trailer with hopefully not too much motor damage.  Poor old Nigel just can’t take a trick this season which has seen him struggle in just about every event with a number of them ending in his retirement.  I would say it has been a fairly expensive season for him which no body wishes on anyone.  On a high for him though between this event and the event prior he had proposed to his navigator Michelle and she had said yes so they are a very happy team – great stuff you guys and congratulations from all of us on the bank! J  Unfortunately myself and Isabela in “CrazyAz” didn’t race as I had just stepped off a plane.  What I did do though was I took Dan the Man, our commentator, for a bit of a slow lap in “CrazyAz” which was very humorous as he is extremely scared of going in a boat – I think he screamed all the way around the track J

At the end of the Qualifying rounds we saw Peter Rullo and Judy Ellison in “Uonit” with the fastest time of 54.53 seconds, Nigel Johnson and Michelle in Peter Rullo's boat which Peter had kindly let them drive with the second fastest time of 55.45, then Rod Wood and Sharon Power in “Triple XXX” coming in third, then Adam Mileham and Tom in “Short Fuse” fourth and then Wade Davies and Geoff Steel in “Excalibur” a few seconds off the pace with Wade getting used to driving a very different boat than he has been used to driving – a boat that actually handled and went around corners J.  Unfortunately for Rod and Sharon in “Triple XXX” the event saw them not start in the last qualifying run of the night due to a failed starter motor.  The “Triple XXX” team worked so hard to get a new starter motor fitted prior to the final run offs that it was terribly sad to see them eventually have to admit defeat and call it a night as they just couldn’t get it fitted.  I’m sure we will see a design change at the next event, a design change that sees them fitting their starter motor like the rest of the Group A boats so that if a starter motor fails it can be changed easily J.

The top six run off saw Peter Rullo and Judy in “Uonit” break the 54 second mark and do a 53.98.  Nigel and Michelle in the same boat and having got the hang of driving “Uonit” came in with a 54.36 second pass, Adam and Tom in “Short Fuse” were struggling and were a few seconds off the pace and still working on the boat to try and find the couple of lost seconds.  Wade and Geoff in “Excalibur” unfortunately beached the boat on one of the island and were eliminated from the event.  The top three run off was really a two driver and navigator race due to Adam and Tom in “Short Fuse” just not being able to get the boat to run perfectly and being two seconds off the pace.

Nigel and Michelle went out first in “Uonit” and put down a time of 54.36 so the pressure was on Peter and Judy in the same boat to do a perfect run as the slightest mistake would see them battling to beat Nigel and Michelle time.  Peter and Judy once they had got in the boat in the pits after Nigel and Michelle handed it back sat for a few moments clearing their heads and focusing on what they had to do.   Peter and Judy raced around the track in “Uonit” in the time of 53.99 so they were the winners of a very exciting event! J   The results were Peter and Judy in “Uonit” first, Nigel and Michelle in “Uonit” second and Adam and Tom in “Short Fuse” third.  Well done guys for a good night racing J

The event saw the introduction of a new race format after the dinner break.  In the past we have always had the last qualifying run right after dinner which has always seen us as drivers take out sponsors and paid rides.  The change to the format was that we still took out the paid rides and sponsors but instead of trying to put down the fastest possible time which is often difficult due to the paid ride or sponsor being a different size/weight than our navigators thus the boat becoming that little unsettled we now have what we call the “Dash for Cash” which sees all boats competing against each other and a winning cheque going to the winner.  The “Dash for Cash” is raced over exactly the same track as we are racing on the night with the difference being that each driver nominates the time he is going to do to complete the lap.  The closest driver to his/her nominated time is the winner.  This doesn’t mean the boats slow down as to slow down is too difficult to judge your time.  As a driver you are best nominating a time near your best so you know if you drive flat out you should come in pretty close to your nominated time.  The winner of the event was a restricted/350 class boat, that being Matt Neilson with Steve navigating in “Warlock” just .16 of a second off their nominated time.  Second was another restricted/350 class boat, Paul Mileham with Al Pash navigating in “Trauma” and then third was Nigel Johnson with Michelle navigating in the borrowed Group A boat “unonit”.

For those of you who are interested, which I hope you all are, we have launched our new website so we urge you to go take a look and maybe give us some feedback.  You will find it at  www.jetsprintingwa.com.au   

I think for all that go and take a look you will find it extremely interesting with lots of photos, articles, stories, driver, navigator and team profiles, gossip, boats for sale and best of all if you want a paid ride for someone as a gift for a birthday, a reward, an anniversary, or just because you love him/her you can now do it on line J.  Please do remember however that we can only do so many rides an event. 

One more thing! J  We all would like to congratulate Simon and Simone Cain on the birth of their first child, a little girl they named Halle. J  Terrific stuff you guys, we are all thrilled for you and look forward to seeing little Halle at this event.  Both Simon and Simone put a lot of time into the club so with now having little Halle it is going to be very busy times. J

Oh and the commentary was awesome also, well done Dan the Man you are one awesome race caller with the event not only being heard on the banks of the track but also being streamed live to air via the internet for anyone in the world to listed to if they so desire.  We are always surprised at how many people do listen on the internet and comment back to us, plus our Facebook page is enormously popular with comments streaming in to Dan as he commentates.  I do a pretty good job too J

The roving Mic J

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