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Official Race Dates 2019-2020


Round 1 Saturday 30th November

Round 2 Saturday 14th December 

Round 3 Saturday 4th January 

Round 4 Saturday 25th January 

Round 5 Saturday 15th February

Round 6 Saturday 29th February

Round 7 Saturday 14th March

Round 8 Saturday 4th April
Round 9 Saturday 18th April 
Round 10 Saturday 2nd May

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The Easter Blaster 30.03.13

Info Jetsprint WA - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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One hell of a day of close racing! (Event 09.03.13)

Info Jetsprint WA - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What a fantastic nights racing!  The track direction was short sharp and sweet with all drivers really enjoying the drive!  The afternoon was a bit humid but once evening arrived it was perfect weather wise.  The commentating was excellent, the Mud Rats were right on the ball and quick into the water to any crashed boats,  the many volunteers that help the club put on an event were all excellent in whatever roll it is that they do so the event ran like clockwork once again.  click here to read more..

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16 Feb 2013

Info Jetsprint WA - Wednesday, March 06, 2013
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The Race that was.

Info Jetsprint WA - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The event got off to a bit of a shaky start due to the pump that fills the track overnight breaking down.  The guys turned up to set the track up mid-morning only to be confronted by a track where the water level was approximately 30 cm too low which meant that if they couldn’t organise the water to fill the  track quickly the event would have to be cancelled.  A mayday went out to a number of members who lived in the area asking for a hand to set up the old trailer mounted pump so they could pump from the Ski Lakes to the track.  We thank Bonny Water Ski Park for allowing us to do that, it saved our event.  Unfortunately due to having to pump the water across from the Ski Lakes the start of the event was delayed by an hour.  The reason the track needed filling is because between events the water level drops a little leaving the banks of the track exposed, or in our case tyres exposed. What this means is if the water level was left low a boat if out of control could hit the tyres sideways resulting in the boat flipping/rolling several times, or likewise if a boat was to hit the tyre bank straight on at speed the bank would act as a very effective launching pad with the result being that we could see a boat travel some forty to fifty meters through the air ending up in amongst the spectators, unlikely due to the distance from the edge of the track to the outside tyre barrier, but never the less a risk not worth taking.  For those of you who are regular spectators at the extreme sport of Jet Sprinting I’m sure you have all been well and truly surprised at how far a boat can travel once it is out of control and has left the water, so you can imagine how much further it would go if it was launched into the air after hitting a high bank.   Another reason it is important to have the water level at the same height as the bank is because as a boat runs through the track at speed it sets up a wake, or a wave.  With a low water level this wake hits the shear banks and bounces back into the track which means as the boat is going around the track there is more and more wake being set up with the end result being that the track becomes excessively rough and the boats run the risk of bouncing of a wake at high speed and becoming air born resulting in a big accident.  Yet another problem with a low water level is the hidden shallow spots.  If you have been to the Sprint Boat races before you will know that the water is really shallow, in some areas as shallow as knee height, that’s after who’s ever knees you are measuring the level off have sunk into the mud to their ankles.  Lower the water level by 30 cm and the boats will in places be skimming across literally a couple of centimetres of water and mud with the very real possibility being that the boat loses control and has a really bad accident.  These are all good reasons why prior to an event the track must be filled to a level where the water is lapping over the top of the tyres that boarder the track.    click here to read more..

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December 18th what a great event it was for the last event of 2012

Info Jetsprint WA - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What a great event it was for the last event of 2012.  There was plenty of speed,there were rollovers and there was plenty of really close racing that had the crowd on their feet J.  It was a terrific track direction to race with some really tight corners and some really long straights so again a track that never really suited any one boat.  Tonight should see the same, a nice balmy night under lights with lots of action on the track due to the Sygidus brothers, Ted and Darek being in town.  Both these guys individually are former Australian champions, with Ted also having finished second in the world titles twice also.  Both these guys are extremely hard chargers and very respected in the sport of V8 Jet Sprinting.  In short they are totally mad once behind the wheel of a boat, but in saying that they are extremely professional in their preparation and approach to their chosen sport.  These guys are over here to work with Rod Wood to try and get him into first place on the podium in “Triple XXX”.  Rod brought “Triple XXX” of these guys last season and immediately improved out of site as a driver which saw him regularly competing for a spot on the podium.  The improvement in Rods performance, or some of it anyway was testament to the boat and how it was setup and raced by the Sygidus brothers racing team.   This event you will see Ted  “B” driving “Triple XXX” while Darek is in the pits working on the Motec computer system getting maximum performance out of the boat.   click here to read more..

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Event 24.11.12 - Our second event.

Sam Blight - Monday, November 19, 2012

The last event was another day/night of racing where the weather was cool, the drivers and navigators were comfortable in their race suits due to it being cool and it was another event where rain was threatening, but unlike the last event it held off.

There was another good turnout of boats with a few boats that were not at the last event turning up and a couple that were at the last event missing this event due to motor blow ups.

One of the boats missing was “CrazyAz 77” who totally destroyed their boat motor on the first run of the season which saw Tony Carr very disappointed as he said the boat felt fantastic and the motor was strong. Unfortunately the motor didn’t know that! Tony was set to “B” drive the “CrazyAz 07” boat with me for the event but unfortunately was ill on the night so didn’t make it for the drive.

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Jet Sprint Event November 10th. The first event 2012-13 season.

Sam Blight - Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The afternoon was perfect for Jet Sprint racing. It was nice and cool weather wise, so we as competitors were not sweltering in our race gear. The boats too like the cooler temperatures and I always feel that they run stronger motor wise.

It was the first race of the season so there were a number of new volunteers working at various jobs that go to make up one of our events. The person we most relate to as drivers and crew is the person we call the “Pit Boss”. This is the guy who makes sure all boats stick to race order and also that each boat is on the water ready to enter the start shoot as the previous boat completes its race run in the Spin Out pool. It is a very difficult job to do and it requires a person who takes no rubbish from the competitors, or the crews. His word is final so due to this it is a position where you don’t make many friends. He must be very organised and very strict making sure that the boats are leaving the start shoot one after the other to do their race lap.  click here to read more..

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The not so Roving Mic, The control Tower Mic (Dan)

Sam Blight - Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well, I got a little excited when asked do an update for the roving mic section in lieu of Chris Kent who normally would provide this article. But as it turns out, I’m writing about a total of three boats that each had 1 turn before the event was cancelled. (Bugger)

We started late, delayed by the weather that was hanging around and at about 4:15PM we kicked off with the first boat out on the water, but that was short lived and the Mud Rats were put into action to push the boat off the tyres and back into the water. click here to read more..

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Events 14.04.12 and 28.04.12

Sam Blight - Saturday, April 14, 2012

It was a great day/night of racing with the weather being in the mid-twenties and then the evening being one of those perfect evenings where it was a pleasure for the good sized crowd to be sitting outside under a balmy sky watching Jet Sprinting while partaking in whatever beverage it is that one most enjoys. Mean time it was fast and furious down in the pits with a number of boats suffering some sort of problem and all teams working frantically to try and keep their respective boats in the water. It also was an event that saw a few boats and drivers missing due to work commitments which was really unfortunate for those concerned as I know what they would rather be doing! The track direction had some long fast straits that saw the Sprint Boats reaching speeds of around 130, to 140 kilometres an hour then going into a number of tight hard turns. It also saw the boats go through the chicane three times from various directions, so all in all a bit of a tricky track, but one that could be driven very hard and fast if the driver’s confidence was up. By the end of the event there were unfortunately a number of boats retired on their trailers which made for some interesting placing’s with drivers and boats that are always pressing for a top three finish but not quiet getting there suddenly being there and racing off for one of the top placing’s. There were obviously a few of the top drivers who were very disappointed sitting in the pits retired and missing out on valuable points towards the championships. For all of us though it was fantastic to see a few “different” teams on the Podium, teams that are always there but don’t quiet break into the top three – well done guys! click here to read more..

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